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(Coney Island) Funnel Cake, Bumper Cars, and a Handful of Freaks

My first ever trip to Coney Island, how terribly exciting! Doubly so, given I’ve some great company to share the occasion with – Jackie, plus a visiting Alan Treanor and his new lady wife, Erin. (Living together now in London, … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Book Review*

Never mind that for lunch today I ate Peruvian ceviche no more than a conch shell call from the Pacific Ocean. Never mind, either, that I’m writing this on a plane somewhere over Texas with a TV screen in front of … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Wisdom

I thought I’d share, for the shear bloody hell of it, three particularly vivid memories I have. If the exercise proves to be excrutiatingly awful – either for you of for me – then, in time for my next blog, we can just pretend it never happened. Continue reading

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