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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Don’t you just hate it when…  You Have to Get Out of Bed in the Morning 6.50. That’s too early. It just is. Especially on a Friday. You Help a Colleague With Something You’re Not Really Paid To Do, But … Continue reading

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4th of July, New Jersey Transit (Miss You)

Here’s part two of my 4th of July two-parter (part one was yesterday), in which I love crazy old America, after all. (The four biggest reasons why.) Happy independence – glad we managed to stay friends and what-not, you know? … Continue reading

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4th of July, New Jersey Transit (Good Riddance)

Not the best of holidays for an ex-pat Englishman, all things considered. Apart from the day off work. That’s alright. Anyhow, to mark the occasion anyway, here’s part one of what I’m calling a two-parter: Good riddance, America, you ain’t … Continue reading

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(Mazel Tov) A *Slightly* Jewish Christmas

This last weekend, I said a decisive “no” to Santa, mince pies, mistletoe, and Christ – and conducted a bold social experiment instead. Over the course of a long weekend trip to Washington DC, I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas … Continue reading

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Just Another New Jersey Power Out

You will have heard already about Hurricane Irene because, after sending their expensive anchors to evacuation areas to expensively report from them, the networks absolutely wouldn’t stop talking about it under any circumstances whatsoever (like, for example, it really not … Continue reading

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Off To Bermuda… See You Soon, Though!

Well, my friends, even though I haven’t been giving this blog the usual tender loving care these past couple of weeks, I’m afraid I still won’t be for a whole other week. On account of this – But, no, I won’t … Continue reading

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Boston, Cambridge, Movies & Shopping (Your Inessential Guide)

This week, I’m afraid a particularly fiendish stretch of work – much of which has involved making a newsletter look more like a magazine – has left journey-home-Jon ill-equipped for his customary blogging detail. In fact, it’s left him on various … Continue reading

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