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Woody Allen and What He Did (Or Didn’t) Do

Writing this on the train home from work, I’m flecked with that familiar dirty mix of snow and salt that New York gets covered in every now and then. It’s bad and dispiriting enough, and leaves you feeling in perpetual … Continue reading

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Ask Jesus: A Very Christmas Mailbag

I’ll keep this short as it’s basically my bedtime… Jesus Christ is back!  Joining me, once again, on this small rivulet of the internet, to answer a whole bunch of questions. In: Ask Jesus: A Very Christmas Mailbag (A special … Continue reading

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Another Blood of Christ please, barman

Some people will try to tell you otherwise (Christians), but we all know the true meaning of Christmas: to eat more than is sensible or healthy, and to wash all this food down with silly amounts of alcohol. Just in … Continue reading

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Say Hello To Jesus (I Want To Ride That Glory Train And So Do You)

Here’s the thing. You’ve an awful lot of entertainment choices these days, don’t you? A great, heaping mass of stuff to look at, listen to, taste, scratch, stroke, and sniff. And that’s not even counting the limitless thoughts you get to … Continue reading

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