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Homemade Caramel Sauce, Or: Icarus in the Kitchen

So that you may compare this short narrative against its stated aims, let me start it by sharing first those aims. One: explain how the “elemental deliciousness” of caramel sauce is one poor judgment call away from being burnt goat … Continue reading

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Peas, Potatoes, and the Strange, Unknowable Physics of Parenthood

There’s a moment in The Theory of Everything, the mainstream film about Stephen Hawkins, in which a game attempt is made to explain the “twin pillars of physics… quantum theory and general relativity.” For the benefit of a dinner guest (and … Continue reading

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I Think I Broke My Big Toe Yesterday in a Fit of Pique

So I think I broke my big toe yesterday in a fit of pique. Today, I’m limping around like Ratso in Midnight Cowboy ­– the Dustin Hoffman hobo character who spends most of that movie slowly dying. Except in the … Continue reading

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Babies, Beards, Shaving, and Death

My wife, my mother, and my sister all tell me – to my mind, a little too often – that I look better with a beard. Though I usually just shrug and try to change the subject, I always want … Continue reading

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Waiting for a Baby to Be Born

[Warning: the following musings contain graphic depictions of introspection and self-indulgence.] So a few days from now my second daughter will be born. And for a long old while, in the run-up to this momentous occasion, I’ve been thinking how … Continue reading

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Skyfall, Argo, The Way, Way Back, Blue Jasmine, Gravity, & Captain Phillips

I’m not scared of heights. But edges scare me witless. If a hill, say, is shaped like the top half of a circle, I can happily stand atop it and enjoy the view. Same goes for looking out the window … Continue reading

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Rooms by the Sea

Can’t pretend I know an awful lot about art. Would like to and all that… but such is life. In any case, there is one painting that I keep on thinking about. In fact: looking at. It’s definitely by Edward … Continue reading

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