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Character Flaw Masquerading as a Strength

Here, take a look at this: This sort of thing just kills me every time I look at it. So much so that I literally hate to look at it. (Not modern – not really, in reality – “literally,” but … Continue reading

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Diamonds in the Mine

Well, my friends, it probably had to happen eventually. No offense to her personally (she is really very sweet), but a newborn daughter in the other room means I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep for five weeks. And it … Continue reading

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Waiting for a Baby to Be Born

[Warning: the following musings contain graphic depictions of introspection and self-indulgence.] So a few days from now my second daughter will be born. And for a long old while, in the run-up to this momentous occasion, I’ve been thinking how … Continue reading

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I was so much younger then. I’m older than that now.

My left shoulder hurts, and has done for ages. But why? As far as I can tell there’s no particular reason it should… Today I went to a work-related outdoor event. My first thought upon arriving: the music is too … Continue reading

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Snap, Crackle, Pop! (The Lie We Tell Ourselves Every Morning That Breakfast Is Gr-r-reat)

Have you ever put a forkful of broccoli in your mouth only to then think,┬ámaybe I don’t like broccoli, after all. It’s a little dispiriting. And even worse when you repeat the experience several times in a row, before 7 … Continue reading

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Seasonal Cold Disorder

The worst thing about commuting is it gradually turns you into an arsehole. (I’ve read that, for less money, cocaine can achieve the same effect.) In the bigger cities there are, unfortunately, many more bottoms than there are seats. Overcrowded … Continue reading

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Rooms by the Sea

Can’t pretend I know an awful lot about art. Would like to and all that… but such is life. In any case, there is one painting that I keep on thinking about. In fact: looking at. It’s definitely by Edward … Continue reading

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