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Character Flaw Masquerading as a Strength

Here, take a look at this: This sort of thing just kills me every time I look at it. So much so that I literally hate to look at it. (Not modern – not really, in reality – “literally,” but … Continue reading

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Gone Girl: What Happens Next?

If you stop and think about it mainstream culture is surprisingly difficult to pin down. You might, for instance, want to dismiss it all as homogenous and bland. But then how do you account for the Beatles? Or peak-era Motown? Or … Continue reading

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New Jersey Drivers: Stupid or Arrogant?

This is my 229th blog post. And, I admit, practically none of the preceding 228 have been short and sweet. (So far as I can remember, in fact, only one previous post answers that description — a cheap put-down of Manchester … Continue reading

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Diamonds in the Mine

Well, my friends, it probably had to happen eventually. No offense to her personally (she is really very sweet), but a newborn daughter in the other room means I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep for five weeks. And it … Continue reading

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Candy Crushed (Or: The World Is Full of Crushing Bores)

(You’ll soon notice, I’m sure, there’s a “but” coming.) I don’t want to be a grouch. Or a curmudgeon. Or troublemaker. Or rabble-rouser. I don’t want to seem – or, in fact, actually be – a misanthrope. And I don’t … Continue reading

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Sale of the Centuries

This week: the lyrics to Star Spangled Banner, interspersed with YouTube videos of Walmart on Black Friday. You know the tune. Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? … Continue reading

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11 Things You Probably Won’t See On Facebook Today

1 My boyfriend is pretty average, and so am I. We spend our time together doing normal things and don’t go out much. 2 OMG! I’m a preening narcissist. 3 Conversation I just had with my mom. Me: For me … Continue reading

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