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Pop Culture Also-Rans

We already know what happened. We heard about it, read about it, and watched the movie. So here are a few things that didn’t happen, nearly happened, or might have happened. You know, while no one was looking. (1) Fermat’s … Continue reading

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Spot the Difference: English Defence League & Some Fellow Countrymen and Women

The English Defence League has been busy answering its nation’s call of late, volunteering its time and energy with all sorts of gusto. They’ve been on the news and everything. But are they, one can’t help but wonder, representing England … Continue reading

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The Founding Fathers*

This week, I thought I’d treat you to a little history lesson… But wait! Don’t go run away screaming just yet. This won’t be any old history lesson – but one filtered through the medium of television. And, better still, … Continue reading

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Some Grubby Northern Town

Ok, something a bit different this week – but first just a tiny bit of background. Weirdly and randomly, what follows is a poem I found while rooting around a load of old books in my parent’s loft over Christmas. … Continue reading

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