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Spot the Difference: English Defence League & Some Fellow Countrymen and Women

The English Defence League has been busy answering its nation’s call of late, volunteering its time and energy with all sorts of gusto. They’ve been on the news and everything. But are they, one can’t help but wonder, representing England … Continue reading

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(Bang Bang) Disrespectfully Disagreeing with the Gun Lobby

Poor form, I know, to a) not post anything for ages and then b) climb back into the saddle with something verging on the rant-like. I won’t make either a habit, I promise. For the moment, though, what can I … Continue reading

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Sandy, You Were Pretty Fucking Mean Last Week

The last time I wrote something here was both of the following: a week ago and just before hurricane Sandy knocked my power out. I made a couple of cracks about how CNN and others were overstating the severity of … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy: Killing Me Softly With Her Slow-Breaking News

On the one hand, the media isn’t doing its job properly if we’re not all authentically scared right now. On the other, a good amount of people – not ‘in the media’┬ábut seemingly experts in the world of weather – … Continue reading

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Just Another New Jersey Power Out

You will have heard already about Hurricane Irene because, after sending their expensive anchors to evacuation areas to expensively report from them, the networks absolutely wouldn’t stop talking about it under any circumstances whatsoever (like, for example, it really not … Continue reading

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A Virginia Earthquake & Me

Today started much like any other, and I’ve every reason to suppose it will end much like any other, too. But in between the reliable annoyance of my alarm going off at 6:50 and my lamely early bedtime (10ish, since … Continue reading

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London Calling… Royal Wedding News

BREAKING NEWS… A prominent member of the British royal family is to be married later this week in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The nuptials, scheduled for April 29, 2011, will … Continue reading

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Well, my friends, it’s been a long old slog, but I’ve finally gotten through reading all the WikiLeaks. The usual story: some leaks were more eventful than others, and some plain weren’t worth the leaking. In any event, I thought … Continue reading

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