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My Julie and Julia (How to Build a Bigger Audience for Your Blog)

Just finished watching Julie and Julia, half of which follows the real-life exploits of an amateur cook who set herself the task of completing every recipe in a Julia Child cookbook within a year – and to blog about the whole … Continue reading

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Psychology 101

Bit of a quick one, this – as wife Jacqueline is in the early(ish) stages of giving birth to our tiny baby daughter. (Epidural hasn’t happened yet, but she is hooked up to about four different machines/monitors… and also going through it … Continue reading

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The Terrible Pain of Rejection

Bad news. I found out today that I won’t be getting any federal support to improve the quality and consistency of http://www.newjonnytransit.wordpress.com. I only submitted a federal grant application about ten days ago, but already it’s been rejected. By the … Continue reading

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A Pretty Damn Long Two Week Hiatus

Dear blog. [Awkward pause.] It’s me. [Moments…] Jon. Oh come on, don’t act like you don’t remember. I wrote you, like, every week. Give or take. And more than that sometimes – once, I even gave you an ill-fated picture quiz, … Continue reading

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…These past couple of weeks I’ve gone and gotten myself real dang busy at work. So instead of writing blogs on the trains that carry me home after, I’ve been getting a bit of shut-eye. Georgie H. was right, though: all … Continue reading

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Time Out Of Mind

Finding out a few days ago that every single episode of Peep Show is available on Netflix Instant. A losing fight against food poisoning. Highlights of England versus Pakistan in the cricket. The occasional intervention of ennui and laziness. My family … Continue reading

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Off To Bermuda… See You Soon, Though!

Well, my friends, even though I haven’t been giving this blog the usual tender loving care these past couple of weeks, I’m afraid I still won’t be for a whole other week. On account of this – But, no, I won’t … Continue reading

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