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The Tragic Tale of Robin Van Persie (A Manchester United Footballer)

If you ever visit Fenway Park – home of the Boston Red Sox since 1912 – for a tour, at some point you’ll hear some waxing lyrical about Carl “Yaz” Yastrzemski. Especially his epic 1967 season, one of the greatest … Continue reading

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Ranking The Arsenal (Part 2: The So-Called Wheat)

A couple of days ago, I started my 100% subjective search for Arsenal’s MVP… Now here’s a look at the top 14. The extraordinary wunderkinds who make this brilliant football team a true powerhouse victory-machine for the ages. (Note: this … Continue reading

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Ranking The Arsenal (Part 1: The Chaff)

Well, I haven’t written about the Arsenal for a while… and since it’s fun and all, I thought I’d set that right today. Indeed, what better time than now? Just a few short days after the team spiraled once again … Continue reading

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The Arsenal Second Team (Are Shit)

If you didn’t see the Arsenal second-team in ‘action’ against Olympiakos in the Champions League last night, let me apprise you briefly of the pertinent detail: they were shit. Ok, maybe not shit in a Blue Square Premier league, hoof … Continue reading

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Why Arsenal Are Definitely Going to Win the Premier League This Year (& Why on Earth is London Burning?)

Strange days – as the picture on the front of today’s New York Times clearly demonstrates: reads the caption, “A shop was set on fire Monday in Croydon, South London…” So I readily admit my little Premier League countdown – of … Continue reading

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Popping the Kettle On

Well, my goodness – I feel like a little old lady who hasn’t seen you in a while. You know, talking over the back garden fence with my hair up in curlers, and an apron strapped around my waist. “How … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Arsenal This Year… & What’s Even More Wrong With Football

I realize this might all sound a tad presumptuous, but after studying all sorts of recent evidence I’ve figured out exactly what’s wrong with Arsenal, F.C. It took me a while but I got there in the end… thanks, mostly, to watching … Continue reading

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