Pop Culture Also-Rans

We already know what happened. 

We heard about it, read about it, 

and watched the movie. 

So here are a few things that didn't happen, 

nearly happened, 

or might have happened. 

You know, while no one was looking.

(1) Fermat’s Penultimate Theorem

(2) Apocalypse Later

(3) Sgt. Pepper’s Retirement in Wimborne, Dorset

(4) The Declaration of Grudging Co-Dependence

(5) Houston, we just had a nap.

(6) E = MC

(7) Lawrence of Arbroath

(8) We’re not going to need a bigger boat. If anything this one is a little too big.

(9) Roger Bannister’s 4 minute wait for a delayed train

(10) Samuel Pepys’ shopping list

(11) The man behind the man behind the grassy knoll, who wasn’t really paying attention.

(12) Do They Know It’s Yom Kippur?

(13) Custer’s Last Sit Down

(14) Minor Misdemeanor on the Orient Express

(15) Twist and Mumble

(16) The Bland Canyon

(17) It’s not hammer time. I’ll do it tomorrow.

(18) The Unfinished Cube of Giza

(19) Idle American

(20) Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me the bus fare home?


Today’s post soundtracked by:

Sleeper - The It Girl

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