New Jersey Drivers: Stupid or Arrogant?

This is my 229th blog post. And, I admit, practically none of the preceding 228 have been short and sweet. (So far as I can remember, in fact, only one previous post answers that description — a cheap put-down of Manchester United football club.)

And, yes, many of my more recent posts are probably best filed under “Alienating, Self-regarding Blather.”)

So then, lovely reader, in a break with tradition here’s something short and sweet. There’s a new exit into Princeton Junction train station. In three wholly unambiguous ways, it’s a right-turn only exit: (1) there’s a no left-turn sign; (2) there’s a right-turn arrow and the word ONLY painted on the road surface; and, (3) in order to turn left, you have no choice but to illegally cross a double-yellow line in the middle of the road.

And yet, in the first week of this new exit I’ve watched dozens of cars make a left-turn anyway. Finally prompting —

West Windsor Parking Authority

To send parking-permit holders this notice:

Parking Notice

Which is the more sobering thought: NJ drivers are stupid and don’t understand road signs and regulations, or NJ drivers are arrogant and don’t care about road signs and regulations?

Today’s post soundtracked by:

Tchaikovsky Ballet Suites


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