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I Think I Broke My Big Toe Yesterday in a Fit of Pique

So I think I broke my big toe yesterday in a fit of pique. Today, I’m limping around like Ratso in Midnight Cowboy ­– the Dustin Hoffman hobo character who spends most of that movie slowly dying. Except in the … Continue reading

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New Jersey Drivers: Stupid or Arrogant?

This is my 229th blog post. And, I admit, practically none of the preceding 228 have been short and sweet. (So far as I can remember, in fact, only one previous post answers that description — a cheap put-down of Manchester … Continue reading

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Diamonds in the Mine

Well, my friends, it probably had to happen eventually. No offense to her personally (she is really very sweet), but a newborn daughter in the other room means I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep for five weeks. And it … Continue reading

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14 Things Deliberately Misidentified

The impressive turning circle of a new wheelbarrow. space A cheap, ill-fitting suit. space A heroin addict’s teaspoon. space The lame schtick of a jobbing comedian. space A Facebook post apt to cause mild irritation. space The stringy bits of … Continue reading

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