There Aren’t Too Many Inches / Between Your Tootsies and Your Noggin

Coco 1

Friday, September 13th is my daughter’s first birthday! So I wrote her this birthday poem on the train home from work. Yeah, it’s a little wonky, but hey… Colette doesn’t seem to mind.

Coco 3

Hey sweetie (Coco),
There aren’t too many inches
Between your tootsies and your noggin.
But you’re growing every day
In every little way.

Can it really be
Twelve months already
Since that journey home from hospital?
The Overlook in Summit
Without your bunny rabbit.

You’ve been with us
To Mexico, London, and Washington, D.C.,
Always a good girl in car seat and plane.
Through fluffy clouds in happy sky
Up, sometimes, ridiculously high.

We give you Cheerios,
And milky, and baby bites of everything,
And you share it with us too.
You clap, you jump, and laugh
And giggle in the bath.

You shut your peeps holes and dream,
In your crib at nighttime
Holding teddy close.
Roaming free and easy
Young, bright, and breezy.

Now I wonder if you ever think
Of what you mean to us,
And the ways there are to show it.
Playing peek-a-boo
Mom, me, and you.

For a sad reason,
Many years ago,
A man wrote of his lover:
You’re my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest.

Well, little poppet,
For us your lucky family,
You’re all of that and more.
Our naughty moon and silly sun
Turning, all too quickly, one.

Coco 2


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One Response to There Aren’t Too Many Inches / Between Your Tootsies and Your Noggin

  1. Big Sister says:

    Awwwww bro that is soooo sweet……Colette is one very lucky girl to have you both as parents. A very HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to you, my beautiful, sweet niece…….lots and lots of love from Auntie Rebekah and your cousins Joshua and Annalise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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