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When Little Coco Met Aunties Hazel & Joan

My little Coco – 10 month old daughter, Colette – proved herself to be a pretty handy traveller these past couple of weeks. For a summer trip to England, she journeyed for the most part happily in a delayed 747 … Continue reading

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StatMax Ashes Preview: (Part Two) Why England Will Win

As promised yesterday, here are several compelling reasons¬†Why England Will Win the Ashes. Get these down you as quick as you can… by the morning you should be feeling fine. England Are In-Form & Also Better (And if that sounds … Continue reading

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StatMax Ashes Preview: (Part One) Why Australia Will Lose

Justin Rose won a big golf tournament. The British Lions won a big rugby series. Andy Murray won Wimbledon. All perfectly¬†nice. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Everton will all have different managers next season. So will Bayern Munich and … Continue reading

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The Single Funniest Thing Ever Captured On Film

On July 1, newjonnytransit turned three. I didn’t know that straight away, but WordPress told me. So, to celebrate I’m going to give myself (and by extension you [you’re welcome]) a birthday present that is, frankly, about as good as … Continue reading

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