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Spot the Difference: English Defence League & Some Fellow Countrymen and Women

The English Defence League has been busy answering its nation’s call of late, volunteering its time and energy with all sorts of gusto. They’ve been on the news and everything. But are they, one can’t help but wonder, representing England … Continue reading

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My Baby Is A Scientist (And We Can’t Keep Up)

My daughter has extraordinary amounts of energy, and her restless grabbing, pinching, poking and reaching are all assertive indicators of boundless curiosity. Most of the time, except for when she’s sleeping, she is on the move – sometimes only round … Continue reading

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An American in New York (…Me)

First, the bombings in Boston on Patriot’s Day prompted a surge of nostalgia and bonhomie among me and about a dozen fellow Boston University graduates. All of us sharing the same basic sentiment: that was a great time we had, … Continue reading

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Ten Tell-Tale Signs That You Are On a Civil Service Training Course

TEN TELL-TALE SIGNS THAT YOU ARE ON A CIVIL SERVICE TRAINING COURSE. I read this, then clicked “Share” without really knowing what that consisted of. Now I see what. Anyhow, definitely worth sharing. Richard O’Conner, who wrote it, is someone … Continue reading

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