Building a Better Sense of Humour (Some Idiot Bus Stop Cartoons)

All of last week I was in vacation in Mexico. So I figured, why not spend a little bit of it working on my sense of humour?

People spend their time working on all sorts of things (professional reputation, table manners, child-rearing abilities, etc.) – so why not on what makes us laugh? What makes me laugh most of all, I’ve found, is some combination of silly, deadpan, pointless, and peculiar. Stuff that’s properly funny is all well and good, but I especially like my funny-bone tickled by things that basically (almost objectively, I’d say) aren’t tickly.* You know? Stuff that’s a little wonky.

In any event, here’s what I came up with: some idiot bus stop cartoons that, if nothing else, showcase very effectively my inability to draw (and spell#). I hope you’ll agree that in some agreeable kind of way they’re not particularly funny. Just so.

Bus Stop Cartoon - Liverwurst

Bus Stop Cartoon - Fifty Shades of Grey

Bus Stop Cartoon - Arthur

Bus Stop - Mint Question

Bus Stop Cartoon - Rain

Bus Stop Cartoon - Good Morning

Bus Stop Cartoon - Women

Bus Stop Cartoon - Sun

Bus Stop Cartoon - Bathroom Mirror

Bus Stop Cartoon - Asphalt

Bus Stop Cartoon - Something Going Around

(* “Tickly” isn’t actually a real word, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be.)

(# I just realized that’s not how you spell “fluorescent.”)

…And finally, if you liked this, try this: A Few Silly Tee-Shirts

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