Anti-Social Media (Justin Bieber and the Holy Grail)

Oops, I’m about to be honest. Rarely, of course, a shrewd course of action – on account of the fact we’re perpetually obliged to consider current and prospective employers before posting something, anything, online. What if they, like, don’t totally like it.

In this case, this:

I care about my job… but, you know, not that much.

Good Thing Graph

I’m on my way back from a Social Media for Nonprofits conference (hashtag sm4np): a full day of bright young things talking very earnestly (read: humorlessly) about possibilities, potential, growth, thought-leaders, crowd-funding, innovation, analytics, segmentation, gamification, influencers, data, tools, traction, keywords, and buzz.

…And a pretty big part of me (roughly speaking, from the nipples down) thought, sure, but I would rather be spending time with my family, or reading about Arsenal, or watching cricket, or dangling my feet in cool water on a hot day, or listening to 6Music, or watching an old subtitled French film with a glass of wine in my hand.

Is this – again roughly speaking – how you feel too?

I like my job. I like who I work for, what they do and who they do it for. And I want to help them do it better. Really I do. Just not so much after five. Or at the weekends.

After all, these last few weeks I’ve been too tired to read the book I’m reading. And it’s great! How many of my thoughts, how much of my soul, must I carve out for Tweets, Facebook likes, and building a platform on LinkedIn? (Today we also talked about “virtual currencies” used on “asynchronous online games.” Surely, world, that’s a joke that plain isn’t funny anymore… Everybody dies and that’s a fact; and still we spend the intervening years pretending that so many things that really don’t matter do. Every time I see my five-month-old daughter I melt, my heart beats faster, and I can’t look away. Forget virtual worlds, let me spend more time with her.)

I don’t know. One presenter said earlier today that the Holy Grail of social media is getting Justin Bieber to re-Tweet something. Honestly: isn’t that irredeemably dumb, shit, and crass? Did I miss a meeting? When did we all decide that transient clicks and diverting for a second the fleeting, flickering attention of strangers is worthy of great, rolling rivers of energy and effort?

Justin Bieber on Twitter

And can’t we all just admit that the modern world is every bit as awful as it is (admittedly) awesome? That, in fact, too many possibilities and too much ambition make Jack a wretched bore.

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