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Building a Better Sense of Humour (Some Idiot Bus Stop Cartoons)

All of last week I was in vacation in Mexico. So I figured, why not spend a little bit of it working on my sense of humour? People spend their time working on all sorts of things (professional reputation, table … Continue reading

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My Eight Favourite Jazz Albums (Part Two: Sultry Essentials & Freeform Squawking)

Welcome back. Hope you’re feeling peachy. No better way to put this – here’s the other four of my eight favourite jazz albums (and if that sounds confusing, take a peek at yesterday). Charles Mingus – Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus … Continue reading

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My Eight Favourite Jazz Albums (Part One: Uncle Monty & The Morning After)

This week – and in no particular order – my eight favourite jazz albums. (Was meant to be five, but clearly I’m not that decisive.) I married music with guitars, verses and choruses at such a young age. I was too … Continue reading

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Anti-Social Media (Justin Bieber and the Holy Grail)

Oops, I’m about to be honest. Rarely, of course, a shrewd course of action – on account of the fact we’re perpetually obliged to consider current and prospective employers before posting something, anything, online. What if they, like, don’t totally like … Continue reading

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