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Remember Kazaa?

I started to write about the meltdown I had last weekend – when rank tiredness and the foolhardy cooking of an awful recipe (kale and mustard green gratin) combined to make me: spill half a pint of heavy cream on … Continue reading

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Wanted for Crimes Against the Language: “Table-scape”

Right then, off we go. It’s been a couple of weeks but I’m ready again if you are… Welcome to a new topic I’ll continue to tap every now and then, in between my other random missives: ugly words or … Continue reading

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My Julie and Julia (How to Build a Bigger Audience for Your Blog)

Just finished watching Julie and Julia, half of which follows the real-life exploits of an amateur cook who set herself the task of completing every recipe in a Julia Child cookbook within a year – and to blog about the whole … Continue reading

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