Republican Strategy Memo

Figured I’d take a week off blogging this Thanksgiving week. Not, though, a week off from posting…

Here’s a little something I came across out in the farther reaches of the blogosphere a couple nights ago (what can I say? – have been getting my kicks recently reading up on GOP election-fallout): the first page of an unsigned Republican Strategy Memo, doing the rounds but clearly not meant for public consumption.

As if further proof were needed, these people are freaking nuts…


Touchy subject. “God’s will” rationale drowned out by liberal bias of mainstream media/over-sensitive women. (Most everyone knows there’s good rape and bad rape, but discussions of same aren’t worth the political capital – blue states won’t ever turn red over this, and red states usually have preference for other parts of the bible anyway.)

The more everyone talks about reproductive rights, the more women will want them. So: change the conversation. Either say nothing at all on the subject, or make sure you don’t give any quote-fodder (if in doubt, briefly mention Roe v. Wade + leave at that). Better to be a ‘values’ party only in the abstract.

If we want to sound more woman-friendly, we must remember: the safer ground is what we get from moms, and not want daughters’ want. (Yes: sound moral compass, sense of right and wrong, great recipe for apple pie, etc. No: abortion after drunken one-night stand, equality, leadership on climate change, etc., etc.)

Unless the GOP is seen to get younger, blacker and more Hispanic, demographics will doom us. To fight the perception that we’re “too” old and white, we must strategically promote a select number of non-whites (family-first, small government types who can do TV): enough to counter the perception, but not so many that we alienate our base. (Likely: between four and six total.)

Everyone else must avoid the phrase, “I’m not racist, but…” (Perhaps we should also brainstorm one thing wrong with America that’s not “Obama’s fault” – and then use it to appear balanced.)

In the short-term, we must throw our collective weight behind a new number. Being the party of the 1% is killing us; likewise, the perception [albeit accurate] that we hate 47% of Americans. Party thinkers to brainstorm, accordingly. Meantime, GOP ‘faces’ should express as many things as possible in numerical terms until a new number gains sufficient traction. (Percentages ideal, but not essential.)

Problem to urgently address: gays won’t stop wanting to be treated as though they were equals (serving in the military, marriage, etc.). Need to either reverse this trend or minimize its political consequences – But how? (Any good gays who can work on this?)



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