Movie Posters Versus Album Covers (Round One)

Hurricane Sandy slapped me about pretty roughly. And parenthood so far is both wonderful and predictably exhausting. So I figured, take a little mental vacation for a while: put some music on and do something absolutely pointless.

And here’s the upshot of that… Switch your brain off and join me for the next few days – it might just be a bit like drinking gin and tonic on a hot summer’s day, without any shoes and socks on. And – at last! – together we’ll all get to find out which is better: movie posters or album covers. (Here, 16 stellar representatives of each, randomly pitched together and ready for dwindling down to a single champion one.)

>Patti Smith’s Horses Anatomy of a Murder (1959)<

>Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ Badlands (1973)<

>Miles Davis’ Bitches BrewChinatown (1974)<

>Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run & Dirty Harry (1971)<

>Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were HereFargo (1996)<

>Blondie’s Parallel Lines Il Conformista (1970)<

>Sun Ra’s Space Is the Place & Man On Wire (2008)<

>Harry Nilsson’s SchmilssonManhattan (1979)<

>Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica & Midnight Cowboy (1969)<

>The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street & North by Northwest (1959)<

>Spiritualized’s Ladies and Gentlemen… & Once Upon a Time in the West (1969)<

>The Clash’s London CallingPulp Fiction (1994)<

>Joy Division’s Unknown PleasuresSingin’ in the Rain (1952)<

>Suede’s SuedeThe Cameraman (1928)<

>Primal Scream’s ScreamadelicaThe Exorcist (1973)<

>The Specials’ The SpecialsTrainspotting (1996)<

Round One results… tomorrow! (Meantime, do tell me if this starting 32 misses something out. That would be lovely.)

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7 Responses to Movie Posters Versus Album Covers (Round One)

  1. Keith says:

    Don’t remember Wish You Were Here having that cover? 😉

  2. The Bru says:

    Excellent choices all around. I would have liked to see King Crimson’s “In the Court of the Crimson King” cover somewhere there as well.

  3. Dixie says:

    Surely there was room for a beatles album cover on here? They did specialise in them. Also what about Blur? And you definitely should have included let it bleed instead of exile, its a cake… On a record player!

    • …Also, of course, the cake in question was baked by Delia Smith! (Pretty sure that’s right, but definitely can’t be arsed to check – I’ve already bitten off more than I can chew this week on the blog-front.) Anyhow, what can I say? Probably didn’t pick the Beatles because I couldn’t pick any one cover. And my final pick was a straight choice between Suede + Parklife, and I went for the gayer of the two.

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