Psychology 101

Bit of a quick one, this – as wife Jacqueline is in the early(ish) stages of giving birth to our tiny baby daughter. (Epidural hasn’t happened yet, but she is hooked up to about four different machines/monitors… and also going through it all, by the by, in a way I can only describe as unbelievably impressive.)

Cutting rapidly to the chase then: these past couple of months me and Jackie have been busy creating, from scratch, an entire new world for our daughter to happily and comfortably exist in. A place for her to sleep. A car seat and a stroller for her to sit in. A changing table for her, with diaper genie an arm’s length away… And clothes, blankets, pads, diapers, wipes, toys,  you name it and so on and so forth.

The point is we’ve been assiduously preparing. Tidying up and putting all sorts of things in neatly ordered places. So our home becomes baby’s home as well, and – all our finger’s crossed – a place the kid can soon make some sense of, in an otherwise overwhelming world.

And some part of my brain has been doing much the same for this blog recently too. Organizing – very neatly – all my old posts into the seven new categories above (About…music… sport, etc.). Trying, basically, to make everything nice and neat.

A few days ago I finally finished. Be a dear and take a look!

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2 Responses to Psychology 101

  1. Sister says:

    You have been so Americanised now…….nappies (diapers indeed!) pram (stroller indeed!) Love to you both, Love to you both, AUNTIE Rebecca xxxx

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