You Can Call Me Pops

Hey kid.

You’re not born yet, but that’s ok, I know you won’t keep us waiting too much longer. (Your due date is Sept. 13 in case you’re ever wondering.)

Anyhow, I’ve been busying trying to figure some stuff out before you join us in the world. On the outside, at least.

And honestly by now I thought I might have reached a few more conclusions. No, nothing too profound… but a thought or two that you might someday kindly note as useful. Maybe half an insight, too, for your more nimble mind  to one day complete.

Only – sorry kid – I haven’t got there yet. Not for the lack of trying (staring out of windows; in moments of quiet before I fall to sleep) – more because this tiny rock of earth floating in space, that’s about to be your home, is so labyrinth and strange. Unreliable, capricious, and often, frankly, cruel.

Yeah, cruel. I hope it’s a long, long time before you’ve a cause to figure that out… but, hey, for me at least, in the meantime, not admitting something isn’t the same as making it go away. If only.

The world is more full of reasons to relish every passing moment than they’ll ever be time to count. That’s the good news. It’s also burdened and bothered, way too much, by people and things fucking it all up. Like you wouldn’t believe. That’s the bad news.

And all I can really offer (honestly and pledging my best to help make it so) is learn the good from the bad as quickly as you can, and be always on its side. Some of what’s left over you might occasionally and incrementally get to nudge someplace better. Do that when you can. For everything else, don’t always look the other way – but try not to look right at it, either.

Or put another way: have a little faith, stay close to family and good friends, and don’t believe in miracles.

Well, ok, apart from one: you’re on this floating rock in the first place – and for however long that lasts you get to play the part of ‘you.’ That could be the best time anyone’s ever had… What’s easiest to manage, though, is: be kind, be eager, and carve out the most amount of hours for people worth the effort.

And lastly, if you can, try to leave the world a little better than you found it. (Oftentimes, it needs a helping hand.)


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5 Responses to You Can Call Me Pops

  1. Mata says:

    Your Anglo-American kid is going to be so lucky to have you (guys)! 🙂

  2. graham curtis says:

    what a wonderful message


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