The Olympics After the Night Before


Don’t think so.

Not yet.


Definitely not.


No, definitely, no.

Don’t know about you, but I’m not ready just yet for other sport. Sport that’s not the Olympics.

Football in particular.

The Olympics were simply too spectacular… and switching too soon to other sporting matters plain isn’t something I can really get behind. Not yet, at least.

Take last Sunday’s Community Shield, for example. Stupid amounts of money versus stupid amounts of money. Blah blah. Carlos Tevez versus John Terry… urgh, give us a break already. What next? Wayne Rooney deciding all over again that poor little didums doesn’t quite get enough sackfuls of cash for his tired, truculent, referee-baiting ‘play.’

And – pains me to write it – RVP wanting out so he can further bulge his coffers too.

Yeah, no. Forget it. The Red Sox as well… a very good team comprehensively ruined by catastrophic pitching (as exemplified by John Lackey, as overpaid as it’s possible to be, and Josh Beckett, who used to be great but is now anything but, and a moody prima donna to boot), and, ah, injuries.

Even KP in the cricket – more in synch these days with the owner of the Delhi Daredevils than the country which needs him, ahead of their biggest rubber game in years.


Not ready to move on yet. From Ennis, Farrah, Rutherford (those forty minutes), Tweedle, Hoy, Wiggins, Ainsley, Brawnlee, Jones, Murray, Trott, Phelps, Bolt, Rudishau, and the rest. From the Olympics, which were (repeating myself, I know) simply too spectacular.

(Rio will be great, by the by, let’s not worry about that.)

No. Don’t know about you, but I need to take a few. Five, at the very least.


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6 Responses to The Olympics After the Night Before

  1. Robert endeavour main says:

    Miss it already
    I miss choosing for 24 channels in HD
    I missing braking news about a gold in a random sport
    I miss watching the equestrian jump off as we were tie with holland and not having a clue how it work but nervous all the same
    I miss hearing what boric was doing each day be it get caught on a zip wire for twenty minutes or dancing like he your dad at closing ceremony

    But hopefully the price of diet coke will now come down from £1.15 back from £1.09 start of January and 99p year before

    And I won’t miss the Olympic tax each Londoner ha paid

    Now back to Surrey cricket where day 4/4 will be on Saturday but judging by their current batting I doubt the game will last till Friday

  2. happypickle says:

    thanks, I like to start each day with someone telling me that…

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