2012 London Olympics (Via NYC)

Here’s a low-grade piece of observation for you: lots of cliches are bunkum. And lots more are either one or both of trite and dull.

There’s at least one I can think of, however, that’s exactly none of these things. One I can think of that’s unerringly… boundlessly… unimpeachably accurate.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In my experience (and granted, I’m nothing if not a soppy sentimentalist), those are a string of six words strung together expertly well. Whoever first did the stringing sure  knew what they were doing.

Maybe they left London too, once upon a time. And wondered about it on, say, their way home from a long day at work. (Through too many crowds on too hot a day in the middle of another New York summer, clammy, sweating, wistful.) Maybe they wished they weren’t an ocean and more away from the slow rolling Thames. Missing it – and the clouds habitually above it, and the English sun sometimes peeking through – like crazy.

No. I really can’t begin to tell you how much I wish I were home for the Olympics. Home where the heart is, in London.

The Olympics will be outstanding and wonderful. Even in the ways that they won’t be. (How Britain will try to be bombastic but get it awkwardly wrong… How dads around the nation will complain about the costs but still go giddy once – at least – in front of some glorious sporting triumph or disaster… How it will rain and rain and rain till getting soaked to the bone becomes its own badge of honor….)

Every last thing (except corporate sponsorship) will be just-so and special. In an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind city getting a whole lot more right than it still conspires to get wrong. With Hazel Irvine on the tele enthusing (just the right amount) ‘bout some fellow in a boat, some other person running like the wind, someone crying, and someone else having all their dreams come true, breathless and exhausted.

Oh boy. Alan, Keith, Hannah, Ward, Danny, CJ, TC, Mike, Sam, Kaz, Rob, Rob, and Rob (and other London people too), please don’t for one second look the other way. You won’t be absent and the 2012 London Olympics are a heartbeat from starting.

Enjoy the shit out of it.


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13 Responses to 2012 London Olympics (Via NYC)

  1. Sister says:

    Awwww you sound homesick bro……the olympics is getting bad press over here with the G4S fiasco……i also think that it was VERY hard and VERY expensive to actually get any tickets! Miss you bro, luv ya lots xxxxx

    • Yeah, the security issue does sound pretty crazy… of course something had to go wrong though, right?!

      Anyhow, big thanks, as ever, for visiting these pages! (Can’t really rely on mum and dad’s readership these days, I reckon… good luck trying to get them to bookmark anything!)

      Miss you too, sis. x

  2. Robert endeavour main says:

    Too much Claire balding for my liking and hazel hardly to be seen although gabby Logan regularity at ten is welcomed. Gary linekar looks to be the main “golden boot” for the BBC, who could of seen that one…..

    • Ok, first of all I don’t think you can ever have “too much” Claire Balding. She’s a class act and always has been. Also, Gabby Logan is not all that, in my opinion… she doesn’t have Hazel Irvine’s effortless charm and understated wit. Related: surely about time that snooker became an Olympic sport, no?! (Darts, too, for that matter.)

  3. Robert endeavour main says:

    Claire balding appearance is unfortunately now becoming the Steven gerrad of the BBC; class act agreed but too over relied on and probably heading to the twilight. I can’t feel anything for her web she pretends to know something about swimming when we know her comfort zone is in horse racing, goodness knows what the BBC will do now the grand national moves to channel 4 next year. John inversely aside no one has jumped out of the starting block (see what I done there) and excel themselves to become the new darling ce o sporting olympics. Michael Johnson looks bored, Denise Lewis is lame and Colin Jackson just like his own sporting Olympics achievements has failed to deliver at the big stage.

    Snooker is a demonstration sport in 2016, darts no where to be seen surely we need to get them there and the best place is to get them into the commonwealth games to stand a chance. I would also like to throw in 20/20, rugby 7, world cup willie, 3 as in, marbles, tiddlywinks and of course the island games.

    I add one final point crown bowls appears at the paraolympics but not at the Olympics, synchronised swimming is purely a female only competition and if you get to semi finals in boxing you get a joint bronze. They talk about this being the first Olympics when women get equal footing but when are they going to stop discriminating and allow a 3/4 play off in boxing, perfectly fit people to play for bowls rather than being blind and men get a shout in synchronised swimming?

    P.s. equestrian jump off; dead tense and exciting but hadn’t the foggiest what was going on; my hidden gem f the Olympics
    P.p.s. any other random
    Bike events we get into the Olympics although some of them do look like we are stretching it as a sport “guy on electric bike looking like Mary poppins”

    • Robert endeavour main says:

      And all this I forgot to defend Gabby Logan

      Yes, yes I would

    • What about John Inverdale? Is he in the mix at all – always thought he was a safe pair of hands… Very good at the rugby world cup, which England won.

      Harsh on Colin Jackson, Rob. Maybe he was never quite at his best for the Olympics – but his WR stood for over a decade, I think. (Tough on Tony Jarrett that – always the bridesmaid; likewise, Mick Hill versus Steve Backley in the javelin… thanks for showing up, etc.)

      Anyhow, I digress… Is snooker really a demonstration sport in 2016?! In Rio? If so, that news is both very pleasing and hard to get my head around… are there even any snooker tables in Brazil? 20/20 is a great shout – would love to see that someday, but maybe having to have a cricket pitch in random-arse places is a problem. (Cool “legacy” – a cricket pitch that no one ever uses again…)

      Equestrian jump off is something I haven’t had the pleasure to see, I’m afraid. Will try to look that up on NBC’s website. Then again, NBC definitely miles behind the BBC, in my opinion. Mostly because their overwhelming priority is KEEPING ADVERTISERS HAPPY. Also, they massively focus on US athletes. Although I guess I can’t really hold that against them, right? Even if it is hard to give a shit most of the time (is Michael Phelps really the greatest Olympian of all time, or just lucky that he does an event in which he can compete about ten times a day?).

      • Robert endeavour main says:

        Greatest Olympian of all time? I give you three words: Sir Steven Redgrave 5 Olympics gold at five separate Olympics that something phelps can only dream about.

        John inverdale has been good (in my original script it states John inversely aside, this is the spellchecker changing it from inverdale) bloody marvellous at Eton dorney, his interview with the British silver medalist telling them they did not let the nation down when they were in tears and the afters he Welles up with emotion.

        NBC got coverage over here all for the wrong reason; apparently the 7/7 memorial from the opening game was cut and you don’t know who invented the Internet? Clap, clap , clap. As for snooker a demonstration sport I picked that off my quiz knowledge head but you got me nervous s to whether it is right, I will go and check that one

      • Yep, NBC did cut the 7/7 dance routine, replacing it with a Ryan Seacrest/Michael Phelps interview. Pretty much par for the course unfortunately. Also good to know there isn’t a mystery “John Inversely,” after all – I know I’m a little bit out the loop these days, but I still like to think I know my BBC sports presenters…

      • Robert endeavour main says:

        Not looking good all I can find is “Ross kemp calls for snooker to be included in 2016 Olympics”
        I have a better look tomorrow. I did win tonight quiz at pub remembered that Ferdinand de lessop constructed suez canal.

        I will also check. The fact I think crimet also use to be an Olympic sport. I won’t need to check however that Gabby logan is still a fine young woman who is forgiven for marrying a Jock

      • Robert endeavour main says:

        Crimet= cricket, stupid spellcheck

      • Spell check should never get “cricket” wrong. Suggest you buy a new phone immediately.

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