Bush’s War: The Director’s Commentary

I just finished watching FRONTLINE’s two-part Iraq War documentary Bush’s War. Fascinating stuff.

And the Director’s Commentary was amazing… Can’t believe they got all the major players to share their thoughts: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Powell.

Here are some excerpts I found especially diverting.

On Afghanistan:

I have to say, I remember Afghanistan quite fondly.

Yeah me too.

Back in -what- ′02? ′03? Was a real solid project. Good backing.
Pretty quick turnaround for the most part-

And great bad guys, right?

Totally! Straight out of central casting.
The dirty clothes, the big beards, everything.

Those were some mean looking sons of bitches!

And the back-story was kind of cute too, wasn’t it?

Oh you mean with the Soviets and all that?

Exactly. Just a good solid project all round.

On Switching the Focus to Iraq:

…Much tougher sell.

My God, are you kidding me – no contest!
Matter of fact, if I remember right, Colin, even you weren’t buying…

Really? Huh. Long time ago. Tough to remember to be honest.
But, yeah, maybe.
I don’t know, Dickie, what do you think?

[Laughing] Oh you were a freakin’ nightmare! ‘We don’t have
enough money…’ ‘We should wrap on other projects first…’
‘We won’t get any backing…’ You, my friend, were like a
broken freakin’ record!

Ha ha, that’s funny. Guess I was just so jazzed by
Afghanistan and still working on that-


Credit to Dick and Don, that’s all I can say. This thing would never
have got off the ground without you two pushing it all the time.
Pushing it like it was all you could think about!

Well, that part I remember.

[Everybody laughs.]

On Coalition Building:

[Over footage of Colin Powell’s February 5, 2003, speech to the United Nations Security Council, outlining the case for military action against Iraq.]

Oh man, I can hardly watch this!

No way?! I always thought this was a good performance.
Compared to some of the stuff I was doing!

[Everybody laughs.]

Well, that’s sweet of you George, but…
I think it was the script as much as anything-

[Chuckling] Oh yeah, blame the words on the page…

No seriously! That was so sketchy. Just trying to remember…
“Yellowcake.” “Aluminum tubes.”
Come on! Who even wrote that stuff?

Don’t remember.

Me neither.

Ha ha, probably just seemed ‘good enough’ at the time. You know?

Probably was. I mean, who was the real audience that day?
The French? Who gives a crap?

Yeah, I know what you mean. But still.
Definitely not the most fun I ever had, that day.

Well, hell, that was just talking about Iraq.

[Everybody laughs.]

On Special Relations with Great Britain:

You did a smart thing that day, George.

[Laughs] Hard to believe – but ok!

No I mean it. When Tony was up in Camp David-

Tony Blairs?

Yeah, Tony Blair. When he was in Camp David, you got him to
agree to back us no matter how the project turned out.

Yeah that was smart.



Maybe not so much for him though!

[Everybody laughs.]

Either way, I gotta be honest – I don’t remember that…

No I think Dickie’s right. If I remember right, was one hell of a hot
day and you really wanted to get to the pool-

-so I just said, ‘hey, Tony, you wanna keep this simple?’

[Laughs] Pretty much.

And he said sure – was hot too, I guess!

[Everybody laughs.]


Crazy days, huh?

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