A Pretty Damn Long Two Week Hiatus

Dear blog.

[Awkward pause.]

It’s me.


Jon. Oh come on, don’t act like you don’t remember. I wrote you, like, every week. Give or take. And more than that sometimes – once, I even gave you an ill-fated picture quiz, remember?

Well, I’m sorry, that’s all. I know you haven’t seen much of me lately. Sure, for a few weeks by now.

It’s just that I… You know.

Was gonna write about my trip back to England. But, hey, that was me on my holiday, wasn’t it.

And I was gonna write about seeing that Broadway show with James Corden… but that was a long old day, you know. Especially after everything I ate across the street at Junior’s (that giant slice of cheesecake!) Got home pretty dang tired after that.


Plus becoming a dad soon. Was definitely gonna write about that.

…only, didn’t want my daughter to read it someday. Not when I couldn’t really find the words to say how insanely excited I am to meet her. Not on the train home from work, anyhow… All sleepy and staring out the window.

And, yeah, that’s the other thing. Am shot to bits these days – can hardly sleep a wink from one night to the next. Not after a colleague said the other day, “get all the sleep that you can now.” Sounded like a threat, and fucked me right up, did that.

Way too much for Euro 2012, at least. Was gonna write about the England team, too… but these days, I don’t know, can’t stand all the many things that spoil this our little world. Things that get me down when I don’t want to be. Not with my special little girl a couple months away from sizing up her daddy.


And not when I want more than anything – from here on in, I guess – to be, ah, a better me. For the benefit of her. And her mom. And, you know, getting all sorts done. Where does all the time go, and what-not?

Can we start over?


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Same as ever, only better.
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