A New York City Photo Album (Your Unmissable Tour of the Big Apple’s Pulsating Core)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: a city so great they named it twice!
The soaring skyline. The bustling streets. The big apple…
if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! 

So how about a whirlwind, whistle-stop tour?
Come on by and take a bite!

First stop: the Brooklyn Bridge – that mighty engineering marvel that arches over the wide, rolling Hudson, connecting the famed island of Manhattan to its near neighbor Brooklyn.

And next up, out of the ashes of ruin, Gotham’s latest landmark the Freedom Tower rises. At once, both a brash and a sombre reminder that New York – the city that never sleeps – is always on the up, no matter the forces of evil that sometimes try to stop its frantic onward march.

Now look here! Timeless and iconic, one of New York’s famously distinctive bright yellow taxis (but good luck trying to catch one in the rain!)

And talking of getting about town, few things take the breath away more than the vast open space of Grand Central Station’s Great Hall. Opulent and grand, it’s an arena fit to grace Manhattan’s other major transportation hub (Pennsylvania Station just a few city blocks away to the west).

The lady of the lamp, and the lady of the harbor: here’s the Statue of Liberty, a beacon to weary travelers the world over, and New York’s time-honored, quintessential welcome.

But, hey, what says “New York” more than its two most well-known streets? One, the place where dreams come true, and – from the Rodgers and Hammersteins of yesteryear, to the Bette Midlers of today – home to a galaxy of stars. The other, the world’s great capital of commerce, where every single day fortunes are made, won, and lost. Take a bow, Broadway, and keep the change, Wall Street – here’s the ‘intersection’ where they meet.

In a city forever reaching for the sky, here’s yet another landmark tower-block of commerce – New York’s famous MetLife Building, brazenly announcing its presence to the world of customers below.

But, wait, just a few blocks away to the north is the perfect place to take a little breather – whenever you need a break from New York’s legendary restless pace. It’s the locals beloved Central Park, and every one of its 843 acres is an oasis of calm, respite, and peace.

But off we go again! This time to Ellis Island: a sacred place and, to many, the beating heart of the American Dream. It’s where immigrants from all corners of the globe first arrived in the new world to make their mark, and – still to this day – a place of pilgrimage for countless scores of ancestors investigating an almost mythical past.

And last but never least: the Empire State Building – the greatest skyscraper of them all, and the eternal, shining crown atop New York’s regal head. For as long as it stands, they say, New York City reigns supreme – and who would dare think otherwise!!!

Next time…

London from the perspective of a cat,

Caracas in the nude


Shanghai round about noon.


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