Off To Bermuda… See You Soon, Though!

Well, my friends, even though I haven’t been giving this blog the usual tender loving care these past couple of weeks, I’m afraid I still won’t be for a whole other week. On account of this –

But, no, I won’t just be luxuriating under a hot Bermuda sun for the next seven days – I’ll be donning my special blogging hat, as well. Under which will crackle and hum the nascent murmurings of future blogs. Fresh thinking insights. Forward looking vistas. Spritely mutterings and rascally asides, razzmatazz and scandal, vicious slander and devastating put-downs. Ridiculous hyperbole.

For instance, some time in the not-too-distant, I’ll be naming and shaming the five most obnoxious phrases in the English language – and urging you to join me in banning them. And round about the same time from now, I’ll turn 30 and try desperately to figure if the occasion makes me any wiser. And I’ll be adding a whole new religious dimension to these pages, too, in a reckless bid to merge ‘mildly offensive’ with ‘pointlessly silly.’ And, hmmm, maybe I’ll tell you about the time me and my brother created a man-made river in Wallington. And/or I’ll share the weird reason why my morning train reminds me every day of Henry Fonda in My Darling Clementine.

…Who knows? I’ll be back soon enough, that’s all… On my A-game, no less, and hoping you’ll be nice enough to join me.

(Meantime, of course: why not visit the old Archive? – waiting, as ever, to greet you at the top of this and every page…)

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2 Responses to Off To Bermuda… See You Soon, Though!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Rob made a man made river in Wallington…………

    and I hope your `Jesus` blog is not going to offend your sister !!!!

    Love you lots (you lucky thing sunning yourself in Burmuda!!!!_

    Big Sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hmmm, yes, the “river” situation is worth a blog post someday – it really was quite something! (But obviously, I can’t reveal any more than that for now…)

      As for Jesus – no, nothing too offensive, I hope! But definitely cheeky… more silly than anything, I reckon.

      Bermuda was amazing… postcard on its way (sent from New Jersey, I’m ashamed to say). Was a lot like England, only much hotter and different in lots of small, random ways. Love you too!

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