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Fancy a Smoke?

Fancy a smoke? A fag? A ciggie? A cheeky one? A quick puff? A drag? A draw… A hearty lungful, even, to breathe slowly back out again in something resembling a sigh? Or with a smirk, insouciant and swaggering. Or … Continue reading

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A Virginia Earthquake & Me

Today started much like any other, and I’ve every reason to suppose it will end much like any other, too. But in between the reliable annoyance of my alarm going off at 6:50 and my lamely early bedtime (10ish, since … Continue reading

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The 2011-12 Premier League Table: Recklessly Predicted!

Welcome to Day Four of my Premier League countdown – the one and only part that doesn’t actually countdown to anything – except for, ah, a different way in which it does. In other words, then: not only a post … Continue reading

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Manchester Impossible

It is, apparently, a matter of official public record that the 2010-11 Premier League was won by Manchester United. What is not yet clear – what may very well never be clear – is exactly how. And, in more of a … Continue reading

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Why Arsenal Are Definitely Going to Win the Premier League This Year (& Why on Earth is London Burning?)

Strange days – as the picture on the front of today’s New York Times clearly demonstrates: reads the caption, “A shop was set on fire Monday in Croydon, South London…” So I readily admit my little Premier League countdown – of … Continue reading

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A New EPL & Why Soccer Is So Much Better Than Football

Ah, early August… what better time to usher in the new season of everyone’s favourite winter sport? Football. Over-hyped, over-priced, glorious football. Finally the players are off the beach and making their way to a not-yet muddy pitch. So that we … Continue reading

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Ian Bell & The Tea-time Reprieve

Holy fucking shit, that was exciting! You know what I’m talking about, right? The cricket. At the weekend. Bell-gate. The dismissal that never was. The doubtful out. The tea-time reprieve… The shit-storm of controversy that became, just one informal chitchat … Continue reading

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