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Amy Winehouse: 1983 – 2011

With something, I hope, of a rhetorical flourish, let me ask a handful of questions to which, I trust, we can all agree to answer ‘no.’ Was the most interesting thing about Amy Winehouse her bee-hive hair-do? If not that, … Continue reading

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A Hundred Open Lady Late-nights

I know, whenever my special blogging pen (sometimes keyboard) finds itself with no particular place to go, it always meanders back to sport, doesn’t it? Fair is fair, though, I blame the person holding it… But here’s the irresistible thing: … Continue reading

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The Founding Fathers*

This week, I thought I’d treat you to a little history lesson… But wait! Don’t go run away screaming just yet. This won’t be any old history lesson – but one filtered through the medium of television. And, better still, … Continue reading

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Good Sport/Bad Sport (& the eternal search for 27 outs)

In spite of the sacrosanct rules of Englishness (S.R.E. – see also The Better Empire¬†pamphlet of 1862), when it comes to sport I never¬†root for the underdog. Maybe elsewhere in life I do – but on playing fields and running … Continue reading

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