Popping the Kettle On

Well, my goodness – I feel like a little old lady who hasn’t seen you in a while. You know, talking over the back garden fence with my hair up in curlers, and an apron strapped around my waist. “How are you, my love? It’s been a heck of a while, hasn’t it… seems like ages since we last had a natter…”

But of course it’s really only been a couple of weeks. Still, plenty long enough, eh? And so much for the pact I made with myself to blog at least once a week… although I certainly won’t suppose it a matter apt to keep you up at night. Hello again, that’s all. I hope and trust you’re looking well, keeping well, and doing even better.

Now how about a quick catch-up before (next week) I get back to my usual blogging self? Sure, there’s every chance it won’t be a whole heap of fun for you – but, hey, I guess two weeks without a proper chin-wag is about as much as the little old lady in me can take.

…So I got a new job…

Yeah, that’s the main thing. Started a week ago on Tuesday. So far, so very much better than the one I had before… but, no, I mustn’t tempt fate by saying any more! (Except – what the heck – I sure do like taking lunch in Battery Park, looking out across the Hudson at the Statue of Liberty beyond.)

…And I’ve got a cracking book on the go…

Michael Palin’s diaries, Halfway to Hollywood: 1980-1988. It doesn’t have the Monty Python luster of Palin’s first volume of diaries (1969-1979), but happily the author’s chatty prose remains every bit as affable as his onscreen persona. Even more ‘engaging’ (certainly in a way I’ve never experienced in a book before), I’ve been reading it in the strange knowledge that Palin’s sister, Angela, committed suicide sometime in 1987. Very sad and somehow shocking to read diary entries pre-dating it: “She sounds very low… Angela voices the desperation that is frighteningly close to the surface. What is it all for?…’ She tries to be cheerful and on top of it all but clearly is not comfortable…” Terribly trite to say so, I know, but people are mighty hard to figure out sometimes, aren’t they?

…And am listening to all sorts on the radio…

Podcasts on the train again – lucky me! Far too many to bother you with, naturally, but a couple of quick observations just the same… One, Adam and Joe on 6Music again – that came and went pretty damn fast, didn’t it? And is it just me or were they somehow less compelling this last time around? And, two, Desert Island Discs really is quite the weekly wonder, isn’t it? Not only is it a perfect radio format, Kirsty Young is also unerring good at doing it.

…Definitely worried about Arsenal, though…

Captain Fabregas to F.C. Barcelona: both, I fear, a colossal mistake in the offing and increasingly inevitable. Is there a better maker of goals in the Premier League, and can an already-rich team really afford to lose him? It’s ‘no,’ isn’t it… on both counts.

…Oh, and why are red onions so much bigger than they used to be?

Maddening, completely maddening.


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3 Responses to Popping the Kettle On

  1. Baggypance says:

    Big congrats on the job mate… I knew all your hard work would pay off! Look forward to hearing all about it soon.

    • Cheers mate. Just having to get up early again, that’s all… But seriously, all good so far and long may that continue, right… We’ll definitely have to catch up soon. Hope all is well.

  2. happypickle says:

    great post, as always!

    I have decided to share my musings.

    Please pay me a visit at pickle towers..

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