(Show A Little Faith, There’s Magic In The Night) 10 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs

This week…
Some good old-fashioned mix-tape fun. No thrills (on my part, at least) – just a simple, daily celebration of especially excellent music-making.

Shits and giggles. And because these fingers are made for typing.

10 songs each, that’s all.

[ Honestly, I don’t really only listen to old/dead white guys… ]


Bruce is Huck Finn floating down the river, loaded down with cares yet steadfast, boyish and hopeful. He’s Abe Lincoln straining to battle back the wrongs of a more wicked world. He’s Captain Ahab, ceaselessly searching. He’s Gatbsy waiting for Daisy, and Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral. He’s Joe DiMaggio sliding into home, and Chuck Yeager restless to crack yet another sonic boom. He’s Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin – and Louis Armstrong playing his trumpet for the moon. He’s Ralph Waldo Emerson, beseeching us to rise above the chains of circumstance and time. And he’s the King, rolling out a righteous racket night after night after night, and Chuck Berry, and James Brown, and a magpie and a visionary too. He’s the best show in town, and the hangover after. He’s the undisputed leader of the legendary E-Street Band, undefeated champion of the stage, and everybody’s Boss. He’s the promise you can trust your best friend to keep, and he’ll never let you down.

Here’s my Springsteen 10. And I know what you’re thinking – How the hell did I leave off Thunder Road?! And Incident On 57th Street. And Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. And Dancing In The Dark

Side A:

4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) – A song to make romantics numb and cynics dumb. Or maybe vice-versa.

Born To Run – Everything you ever needed to know about rock ‘n’ roll (part a).

Bobby Jean – Or: NEVER take your friends for granted, because they’re really rather special.

American Land Because Springsteen’s recent ‘Seeger Sessions’ period is really, really, really good. And because (as ever) ‘live’ he’s untouchable.

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) – Everything you ever needed to know about rock ‘n’ roll (part b). Includes the line “Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny” – which always manages to pick my shoulders up from slouching.

Side B:

Atlantic City – Instantly engrossing, always somehow vital.

The River – “Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true/Or is it something worse?” Could listen to this song forever and never tire of it for a second.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town – Amazing album, amazing song… and shit this man can sing!

Backstreets – My all-time favorite. Just the first few bars of Bittan’s piano intro is enough to give me chills… let alone the ferocious intensity of Bruce’s singing at the end. Nothing ever sounded more significant.

Meeting Across The River – Makes me want to cry every time; invariably succeeds. If that trumpet doesn’t leave you staring forlornly out a window, then, hell, maybe nothing will.


And finally, here’s a young Bruce doing Rosalita live. So to speak…

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2 Responses to (Show A Little Faith, There’s Magic In The Night) 10 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs

  1. Baggypance says:

    Mate, this blog has been an inspiration to me all week and once work is finished with I will respond accordingly. You need to know though that your introduction to this blog today (although full of hyperbole!) is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen written and actually brought a little tear to my eye! Keep backing yourself mate, cause I think you were born to do this… Oh, and how the hell did you leave Thunder Road off of this list! (Best song ever written IMO…) “Don’t run back inside darling you know just what I’m here for. So you’re scared and you’re thinking that maybe we aint that young anymore. Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night, you aint a beauty but hey you’re alright. Oh, and that’s alright with me.” Both the reason why I wanted to be a writer and the reason why I never will be.

    • Cheers Rob. Very kind as ever, and much appreciated… Of course it would be amazing to hear some more of your thoughts as far as best songs go. Look forward to that… Definitely a challenge with Springsteen especially – you want to pick a few more personal favourites, but how the shit do you leave out Born to Run (for example)?!

      Also, btw, I definitely can’t agree with the very last thing you write! Far too self-deprecating and also, if I may say, clearly flying in the face of much evidence to the contrary…

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