(A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All) 10 Best Beatles Songs

This week…
Some good old-fashioned mix-tape fun. No thrills (on my part, at least) – just a simple, daily celebration of especially excellent music-making.

Shits and giggles. And because “music is a great sauce, even better than hunger”
(p. 7, Chicken Soup For Ear-Holes).

10 songs each, that’s all.

[ Honestly, I don’t really only listen to old/dead white guys… ]


Well, I don’t know about you but I definitely couldn’t be any more sold on The Beatles. Yep, the most popular band of all time is also the best; McCartney is a matchless genius; Lennon is endlessly fascinating and every bit as brilliant; Harrison would be regarded even more highly in any other company; and, Ringo’s drumming is always thunderously super. Oh, and none of them were even 30 by the time they called it a day… No earthly point being jealous, though – they’re far too good for that, right?!

Here’s my Beatles 10 (as before, your better sense most definitely welcome).

Side A:

A Hard Day’s Night – A pretty famous opening two seconds, huh? And, altogether, the sound of a band impatiently proving how crazily good they are.

Please Please Me – “Congratulations, gentlemen,” said George Martin at the time, “you’ve just made your first Number One.” Lovely bit of mouth organ, too…

You Really Got A Hold On Me – In which our Fab Four persuasively demonstrate their early knack for doing other people’s songs. Really, really well.

We Can Work It Out – If this song doesn’t thrill you senseless every time, check your pulse: you might just be dead.

Tomorrow Never Knows – Imagine creating something this special, this unique, and then having the boundless confidence in your own creativity to stop after 2 minutes and 57 seconds. (McCartney was 24 at the time; Lennon, 25…) Ridiculous!

Side B:

Ticket To Ride – Mostly for the drums… (See below.)

And Your Bird Can Sing – Quick fix time: over in a flash and always somehow surprising. “Memorable,” says Beatles scholar Ian MacDonald (Revolution in the Head), “for the intricacy of its guitar parts, including an arpeggiated chromatic passage and a recurring arabesque in parallel thirds.” Just what I was thinking.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Like one of those super enigmatic, early-60s Jean-Luc Godard films – with a beginning, a middle, and an end… but not necessarily in that order.

Don’t Let Me Down – Lennon being honest: almost always a good thing. Bit hard on first wife Cynthia, mind you (“I’m in love for the first time…” etc.).

Penny Lane – Because nothing freshens the damp laundry of the day better than a stiff McCartney breeze.


And finally, here’s the barnstorming sound of a Japanese guy ‘doing’ Ringo:

(Tomorrow, someone everyone can do a bad impression of…)


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