Welcome Back Danny Baker!

I like me a bit of radio. Always have done – ever since I first walked into the kitchen or the living room with ‘the radio on.’ My mum, especially, was always listening to something or other. On a typical Sunday, say, Just a Minute while chopping carrots, roasting potatoes and getting Yorkshire puddings to rise, and then Gardeners’ Question Time after we all made short work of dinner a couple of hours later. The Archers too, of course, such that it’s still hard to whistle for any length of time without eventually landing on its theme.

Never mind all that, though. Round about now, all I really want to do is doff my cap to one Danny Baker… now that his eight months ‘off air’ are finally over with and done. (In case you’re not up to speed with such things, he’s been battling throat cancer, and, given he makes a living out of talking, the sort of irony best described as ‘cruel’).

I might as well cut to the chase, then. Out of the countless radio voices I’ve heard in my lifetime, for my money Baker’s stands alone. There is simply no one better at ‘doing radio’ and listening to him over the years has always been one of life’s most reliable delights. He’s one of a kind, alright, and for too long radio was all the poorer without him ‘on it.’ It’s great to know he’s well again – and, thanks to those good ol’ boys Messrs. Analog and Digital, it’s great to have him back!

But, hey, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s the cast-iron truth of Top Trumps™. (Weird: whoever made this particular card forgot to make him beatable…)

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2 Responses to Welcome Back Danny Baker!

  1. Robert Endeavour Main says:

    I think you find that in the world of trumps he could draw in which case the next card would be compared to the opponents next card thus winning the “top” card.

    Nice to see him back but Seriously!? Baker is ok at best, James Whale is all round a better talk show host and survived an even more aggressive cancer and literally had 1/2 of him cut off (though I am sure if they were in the same room they wouldn’t have an “out-do each other cancer competition.”)

    For those who havent got a clue what i am talking about:

    Also check out his novel: James Whale, Bald on Top (nice!)

    I would also blame Baker for destroying Paul Gascoigne’s career but that is another story altogether. Although as mentioned before happy to see him overcome the big C – wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    Other radio presenters to consider:

    Caesar the geezer (real name change by deed poll), Colin Murray and Greg Brady.

    p.s. has anyone noticed the tiny smily face at the bottom of the web page?

    p.p.s. notice US have cancelled a few sitcoms over there, gutted Brothers and Sisters is being axed.

    • Rob – this is another great example of why I always love your comments! Who else even knows about Caesar the Geezer?! (Funnily enough, I actually deleted an earlier draft of this post that did mention Caesar, Whale, and company… Finally, I figured (even by the standards of this blog) that it was just too minority-interest! But, yeah, of course, I was always a big fan of Whale especially. Must have listened to him every weeknight, more-or-less, for years… Caesar was fun with Eric Hall on Fridays, though – ‘Monster! Monster!’ etc. Remember?)

      You should have a little more love for Baker, though. Do you listen to his FiveLive Saturday morning show? Genius every time… PLUS, he was on great form during the last World Cup – saying how the England team basically isn’t worth caring about and that there’s no point taking them too seriously. No one else cuts through all the bullshit quite like he does, you know? And he’s never, ever boring, which is probably the most important thing…

      Colin Murray’s good, agreed. But, on balance, I think the Christian O’Connell Fighting Talk days were very slightly better. Especially every time C O’C took the piss out of Buncey. Radio gold!

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