The Best/Greatest/Most Perfect Modern Sitcom Ever Made. Ever.

I know, in the spirit of carrying this little competition of mine over the finish-line, today’s the day I’m supposed to choose between


isn’t it?

…But, hey, what the hell do I know? You tell me!

The real, obvious truth is that they’re both great. As is also true of, for example, Frasier, The Inbetweeners, Arrested Development, and I’m Alan Partridge – all of which I’ve somehow figured less good than Seinfeld since the last time a Sunday rolled around.

So: how about I wrap this thing up two different ways, such that YOU can pick the final outcome that feels right for you. It will be a bit like me trying to sell you insurance – only without the requirement of me turning into a massive douche-bag first.

Here goes:

Outcome A: Take a bow… Peep Show. According to my calculations (just finished) the greatest modern sitcom ever made.

Outcome B: We’re all winners. There’s a very large amount of very good sitcoms around and, give or take the odd complication (seasons of Peep Show available on DVD in America: a pitiful one), they’re all readily available to watch. Thanks to the miracle of consumer capitalism, we don’t have to choose between them… (Even better, suggests Peep Show Mark – season 3, episode 5, since you haven’t asked – it’s also ‘the only reason we’re not lying in our shit, dying at 43 with rotten teeth.’)

Special Bonus Outcome [C]: Who gives a fuck?!


Anyhow. Hope this has all been a fun read for you this week (‘View Stats’ very promising – maybe enough for a second-series someday…) But enough of all that: stick a fork in me, I’m done. Now here’s a tiny bit of Peep for you:

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12 Responses to The Best/Greatest/Most Perfect Modern Sitcom Ever Made. Ever.

  1. Baggypance says:

    What a pleasant weeks reading… though I am somewhat miffed about the result, I haven’t actually ever seen peep show so I will have to reserve judgement until I can get myself a copy… I still think you should have at least mentioned the genius that is Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock (though have to agree with your statement that the later series have not been as good).

    • Thanks Rob! Much appreciated. Even though I can’t believe you’ve never seen Peep Show – you got to set that right! As for Alec Baldwin – fair point… should have given him a little shout-out at least. Same goes for Tom Selleck in Friends, of course! So very handsome…

  2. Robert Endeavour Main says:

    Sorry I come so late into this (like a couple I saw once at Stanstead Airport: turned away as the special holiday they booked actually took off a day before and they got their dates mixed up).

    Just a couple of points before I go from work on notable absentees:
    1. Dad’s Army
    2. Phoenix Nights
    3. Only Fools & Horses

    I will comment tomorrow on the result of the final 32, but it felt like a world cup minus Brazil, Germany, England and Italy.

    • Early or ‘late’ – you’re always welcome. Thanks, as ever, for your contribution! Then again… surely we can all agree that – great as they both are – Dad’s Army + Only Fools & Horses are in no way “modern…” And that, Rob, was Rule # 1!

      Good shout on Phoenix Nights, though. Could definitely have squeezed out one or two of the weaker Yankee sitcoms for that… oh well.

      P.S. For the first time, I’m finally catching up on Saxondale. It’s actually pretty damn good, isn’t it?

  3. Robert Endeavour Main says:

    also Cougar Town was missing!

  4. Rob C says:

    Fucking cop out…

    All that build up from almost a weeks worth of reading. Anticipated a great final, closely fought between two strong comedy contenders. Key slants was the obvious US vs. UK angle. And the society misfits from each, George, Kramer etc, Vs. Mark and Jeremy.

    And what does the blog author do?

    “YOU can pick the final outcome that feels right for you”

    What a load a codswallop. What a bunch of arse. What a steaming pile of cat excrement.

    What if Tom Bloody Clancy wrote a novel, and left the last chapter fucking blank. With a little note saying, feel free to write your own ending.

    What if a Spielberg film, as increasingly shit as they are these days mind, had a white screen just after the two leads square up to each other with pistols drawn. Followed by a quietly spoken Steven “inviting” the viewer to imagine their conclusion to his film.

    What kind of precedent is the blogger setting here?

    I could quite easily say to myself what my favorite comedy is. The whole point of this blog, surely, was to hear the author settle it with argument and points of view, one way or another.

    So, to be frank and reasoned. Bollocks to this, and lets just say Seinfeld won.
    Peep show is good, but in my opinion, hasn’t proven itself over the same amount of time as Seinfeld. Maybe after season 10 of peep has been viewed, it will take the crown..

    As much as I enjoyed the previous posts here, I felt this last one was empty and lacking in any strong conviction, and most importantly, conclusion.

    • Hmmm, it seems as though you noticed something I was trying to keep a secret… the fact I basically ran out of steam last week! I think it had a lot to do with Day Two in which I wrote about 32 DIFFERENT SITCOMS. (Well, sort of…) Some people, though, always wanting more, eh?

      In any case, unless I’m very much mistaken, surely I DID pick a winner: Peep Show. See, I even included a little YouTube clip and everything…

      As for Tom Clancy leaving a last chapter blank – I’m pretty sure his publishers/agent would have something to say about that. Because, you know, he’s getting paid an arseload of money and what-not… Glad you enjoyed “the previous posts,” mind!

      P.S. Don’t tell you’re not looking forward to Spielberg’s upcoming Tintin adaptation. Me, I’m pretty much counting down the days…

  5. Rob C says:

    I did notice the peep show comment, and yes, the clip.

    But – and this this is the big but. You didn’t have much conviction behind it, hence the A, B and C vagaries.

    Oh well, I am just being an ass I guess. Well, someone has to be right?

    Ok, onto Spielberg. Lets look at his last 8 films.

    Crystal Skull. Pure shit, next!
    Munich. Israeli athletes gunned down in Olympics. Strange choice for a movie, but fair enough. A decent film. Even if the film does portray Mr and Mrs Terrorist as generally nice people with bomb-making tendencies.
    War of the Worlds. Remakes are mostly pointless, and this was a prime example of my theory.
    The Terminal. Easy watch movie, if not purely for that fine welsh lady. Are you spotting a Hanks trend yet?
    Catch me if you can. Decent caper, entertaining.
    Minority report. Mr Cruise and some strange fortune readers. Odd film.
    A.I. Modern rehash at a kind of ET film. Pretty shit in my opinion
    Saving Private Ryan. Ok, this film is a fucking masterpiece. And his last best film to date. Everything is perfect here.

    So from the last 8 films he directed, I would class only 2 as high grade. Munich and Ryan.
    From his career before these films, pretty much everything was awesome. Starting with Duel, then Jaws, Close Encounters, Raiders, Poltergeist, Temple of Doom, Empire of the Sun, Last Crusade, Jurassic and then of course Schindler’s List.

    As much as I would LOVE tintin to be totally incredible, a big cynical part of me firmly believes that one Belgian Mr Herge will be turning in his grave. Please prove me wrong Steven….

    Bilious Blistering Barnacles indeed…

    • Hmmm…. Yep. Pretty much totally agree with you Spielberg-wise. Raiders, Duel, and Jaws, especially, I think, are all better than anything he’s done recently – including Saving Private Ryan, for my money, which never quite lives up to its amazing first half-hour or so (I have an ongoing argument with a friend of mine over whether or not Matt Damon’s teeth are too white. I say they are, given his character is supposedly fighting a war). Munich was pretty good too, I thought, although I haven’t seen it again since it first came out. Or wanted to, more to the point… Same goes for Catch Me If You Can – definitely an enjoyable movie, but not exactly ‘great’ like so many of Spielberg’s older films used to be. Schindler’s List is nearly twenty-years old now, as is Jurassic Park… and that was when everyone was saying how unfair it was he hadn’t won an Oscar yet!

      All that said, still have high-hopes for Tintin. Especially as Joe out of ‘Adam and Joe’ is one of the writers… and Peter Jackson’s involvement bodes well. Hopefully, fingers crossed and what-not.

      Either way, can’t think of another movie I’m looking forward to MORE… Can you?!

      • Rob C says:

        I agree about the white teeth thing. And it does ruin the feel, if one thinks about it too much.

        But its a great film regardless. I just love all things WW2, and heck, all wars in the last 100 odd years fascinate me. I could watch endless documentaries, visit countless museums, battlefields, listen to veterans stories, and NEVER grow tired of them all.

        What film am I most looking forward to?

        I really don’t know. I guess none really, but Tintin does kinda tug the strings…. Hopkins new scary film, ‘The Rite’ looks rather promising also.

      • Weird analogy, I know, but WW2 is kind of like the Beatles – it’s always interesting, no matter how many new perspectives you hear about it. Anyhow, would definitely love to go back to the Imperial War Museum someday – that was a great day out, wasn’t it. Btw, have you ever seen ‘Battle of Algiers.’ That’s a really great war film that you might not have seen (was made in the 60s by an Italian director, so, you know, isn’t exactly going to play at your local VUE any time soon…).

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