2 Greatest Modern Sitcoms (Cafe Nervosa)

…In which four becomes two. So nearly an old Spice Girls song…

Peep Show beats Curb Your Enthusiasm

Jackie to me, a little bit earlier today: “If Curb doesn’t win this thing, it’s basically just racism against all of America.”

Well, I can’t quite agree with that, but, who knows, maybe it was the stout-chested Englishman in me who nudged plucky old Peep Show in front of it… Really, he’s always doing that kind of thing.

Either way, of course like all right-thinking people my appreciation of Curb could easily be measured in girly-style screams. And, sure, if you’re selling Larry David as the funniest person in the world right now, I’m buying.

What can I say, THAT’S how good Peep Show is. If for some crazy reason you’ve never managed to see it… do.

Anyhow, here’s some quintessential Curb:

Seinfeld beats I’m Alan Partridge

Not even including Steve Coogan, here’s a quick sampling of people involved in what we may as well call the ‘Partridge story’ – the writing of, the making, and the being in:

1. Armando Iannucci. A one-man comedy colossus whose TV, radio, and film credits simply beggar belief. Including In the Loop most recently, but an insane amount of other things as well – all of which are great.

2. Chris Morris. The closest modern equivalent of Peter Cook. Responsible for such things as Brass Eye and al-Qaeda comedy Four Lions.

3. Stewart Lee. One of the world’s most distinctive and brilliant stand-up comedians.

4. Peter Baynham. A key part of the Sacha Baron Cohen writing machine and therefore a large part of the Borat & Bruno international success story.

5. Simon Pegg. A-list Hollywood movie star. Co-creator of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz; now working with Steven Spielberg.

…I could easily go on, but, well, you get the point! I’m Alan Partridge is pretty much the ground zero (in a good way…) of modern British comedy. No wonder it’s so extravagantly awesome, eh? And so nearly as good as Seinfeld. A good many years later, it even manages to still be weirdly topical:

Okey-dokey, then, we have ourselves a final! Between these two, 17 years of (ahem) comedy gold.


But which is best?


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