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The Something Something of Glass

Researching American literary journals yesterday – to see if I can find a willing home somewhere for a couple of short stories I’m in the middle of writing – I came across Glass: A Journal of Poetry. And this, the … Continue reading

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Welcome Back Danny Baker!

I like me a bit of radio. Always have done – ever since I first walked into the kitchen or the living room with ‘the radio on.’ My mum, especially, was always listening to something or other. On a typical … Continue reading

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The Best/Greatest/Most Perfect Modern Sitcom Ever Made. Ever.

I know, in the spirit of carrying this little competition of mine over the finish-line, today’s the day I’m supposed to choose between and isn’t it? …But, hey, what the hell do I know? You tell me! The real, obvious … Continue reading

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2 Greatest Modern Sitcoms (Cafe Nervosa)

…In which four becomes two. So nearly an old Spice Girls song… Peep Show beats Curb Your Enthusiasm Jackie to me, a little bit earlier today: “If Curb doesn’t win this thing, it’s basically just racism against all of America.” Well, I … Continue reading

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4 Greatest Modern Sitcoms (Central Perk)

My goodness, only eight sitcoms left in my week-long competition – and these now reduced down to four… Time to unleash some breathless hyperbole then, I suppose. Curb Your Enthusiasm beats The Office (UK) I’m guessing here, but I figure you … Continue reading

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8 Greatest Modern Sitcoms (Monk’s Cafe)

…In which yesterday’s portly 16 becomes today’s rather slender 8… I’m Alan Partridge beats Parks and Recreation Is it just me or is Tina Fey not, in fact, the funniest woman in America (therefore: the world). From the couch I’m sitting on, she’s … Continue reading

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16 Greatest Modern Sitcoms (Hank’s Look Around Cafe)

Results! From yesterday! (Note to new readers: for maximum effect, please go back in time to yesterday. Or read on regardless, whatever’s easiest.) Parks and Recreation beats Not Going Out Two ‘funny first’ kind of sitcoms: one more-or-less the US Office … Continue reading

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32 Greatest Modern Sitcoms (Chasers)

It’s been a while round about these parts, so I figured what the hey? – time for another six-parter blog. Copying myself (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I’ll spend the next few days following the lead of my earlier … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Arsenal This Year… & What’s Even More Wrong With Football

I realize this might all sound a tad presumptuous, but after studying all sorts of recent evidence I’ve figured out exactly what’s wrong with Arsenal, F.C. It took me a while but I got there in the end… thanks, mostly, to watching … Continue reading

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Radio Somewhere

[Music fades out.] Host Johnny Four Sugars: The fresh surf sounds of Boogie Woogie Wigwam playing us to within a tick-toc or two of News Beat on the Hour, the only place on your dial for the news that really … Continue reading

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