Your brief indulgence, if I may… I’ve a little landmark to celebrate and can’t completely shake the urge to mark the occasion by typing huzzah! (And, look, I even put it in bold too.)

It is, you see, now exactly 50 blogs ago that my good friend Rob Batley (whose wonderful music and musings can be found here) first encouraged me to become a blogger. Of course, I was monumentally skeptical back then (as long ago as last June!) but thankfully better sense prevailed. Whoever would have guessed? – it turns out that keeping a blog is actually pretty fun. According to my rough calculations, in fact, more fun than:

98% of American television, 54% of British weather, and 28% of Indian food.

Give or take.

Anyhow, here’s what I’ve gone and done, by way of making myself (and you I hope!) just a little more at home here: at the new tab above (“My Back Pages”), I’ve archived – and will continue to – every one of my old blogs. In case you missed any at the time, or, indeed, if you ever find yourself using the internet to pass a little time. I know, crazy thought, right?!

As you may have noticed by now, I’m hardly ever topical. So, with any luck these old blogs won’t quite be creaking with age any time soon – especially if you’re kind enough to pay the odd visit, bunch of grapes at the ready and what-not. Rest assured, though, they’ll always be there waiting for you, either way. And still prattling away about…

My friends as 1930s gangsters…

The mysterious world of international finance…

Imaginary numbers…

The best of 90s Britpop….

& what the Yorkshire version of ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ sounds like.

And, well, loads of other stuff, too.


One last thing. As ever: a big THANKS for reading – and for all your comments that play such a big part in making all this so much fun for me. Much appreciated. If you’ve bookmarked this site, or, even better, passed it along to someone else, then please know I’m grateful. Without you, there really wouldn’t be much point in doing this…

So how about I introduce, without any further ado, the first ever newjonnytransit blog Comment Section Award Ceremony?! Sure, I don’t have any actual prizes or anything… but what price glory, eh?

Off we go.

Award for most back-handed compliment:

…Congratulations, MIKE! (re. Walk on the Mild Side)

nice use of wazzock and chuffin’ there. 
but, i just received a phone call. my life wants its last 2 minutes back.

Award for impeccable good manners:

…Congratulations, ROB M.! (re. Grrr, etc.)

Dear Jonny,

Many thanks for your blog I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kind regards


Award for commitment to brevity:

…Congratulations, ALAN! (re. A Bit of a Book Review*)


Award for being my wife and randomly leaving one comment once:

…Congratulations, JACKIE! (re. Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before)

Best blog ever!

Award for cutting most successfully to the chase:

…Congratulations ROB C. (re. Sports News, Mini-Blog Style)

The trouble with England and their football team, is that its a bunch of shits, run by a bunch of shits, reported on by a bunch of shits.

& Finally: Special Merit Award for outstanding recognition of otherwise comprehensively ignored picture quiz:

…Congratulations, again, ROB C. (re. Romania)

ha ha! Nice quiz.

But, seriously, you’re all awesome. Thanks again ; )

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2 Responses to 50*

  1. Robert Endeavour Main says:

    first award i won in years

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