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London Calling… Royal Wedding News

BREAKING NEWS… A prominent member of the British royal family is to be married later this week in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The nuptials, scheduled for April 29, 2011, will … Continue reading

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Your brief indulgence, if I may… I’ve a little landmark to celebrate and can’t completely shake the urge to mark the occasion by typing huzzah! (And, look, I even put it in bold too.) It is, you see, now exactly 50 blogs … Continue reading

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My Sweet Lord

This week my new favourite song is My Sweet Lord by George Harrison. And, well, I know you already know it’s a great song. And you know that I know that too, right? But… boy, it really is a great song isn’t it? … Continue reading

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Dear Walmart… (The Final Revelation)

For the sake of your straining attention span – and doubly so, mine – I’ll keep this brief… I finally received a reply from Kraft, in response to a silly question I asked them about Cheese Whiz (a couple of … Continue reading

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Dear Walmart… (Answers Back)*

So, after asking corporate America some silly questions (in my last post Dear Walmart…), I’ve received a handful of responses. And these are they… HIGHLIGHTING DO’S AND DON’T’S My original email: sent to Susan Wassel, editor of… Dear Ms. … Continue reading

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Dear Walmart…

‘Inspired’ by an outstandingly funny book I once read a few years ago >>> this one: <<< I thought I’d spread a little pointless mischief of my own this week. All I needed was a handful of nonsense ideas, some … Continue reading

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