Romanian National Flag

…From last week – the answers to my picture quiz! How did you do? (Don’t tell me you never even bothered trying… Seriously. Just lie and says it’s the best thing you’ve seen on the internet for ages, I’ll never know the difference.)

First things first, the quiz’s central clue: Romania. Hopefully you got that that was a weird thing for the blog to be called and then figured out the rest.

As below, every answer has one of the words blue, yellow, or red in it, and, in three blocks from left to right, together make up the colours of the Romanian national flag. Plug them into the number grid from last week and, if it isn’t already, all will be clear. You’ll get this:

Here, then, are the answers, plus the reasons why if it’s not already obvious:

1. (3,4,6): The Blue Danube

2. (10): Bluebottle (Peter Sellers recording The Goon Show, in which Bluebottle was a character he voiced)

3. (11,8,4): Yellowstone National Park

4. (3,6,4): Big Yellow Taxi (song by Joni Mitchell)

5. (3,3): Red Rum (the world’s most famous racehorse?)

6. (3,8,8): Red Rackham’s Treasure (front cover of the Tintin adventure of the same name)

7. (4,2,4): Kind of Blue (album by Miles Davis)

8. (4,3,5): Blue Man Group

9. (3,4,1,6,6): She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (still from the John Wayne film of the same name)

10. (4,5,6,6,6,5,3,6): Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

11. (4,5): Fred Perry (fashion logo)

12. (3,6): Red Devils (nickname of Manchester United)

13. (4,5,5): Blue Suede Shoes (as sung by Elvis Presley)

14. (7,4,4): Toronto Blue Jays (their former pitching ace Roy Halladay)

15. (6,9): Yellow Submarine (still from the Beatles film of the same name)

16. (6,5): Yellow Pages

17. (3,4): Red Bull

18. (3,5): Red Baron (nickname of World War I fighter ace Manfred von Richthofen)

19. (4,3,4): Blue Fin Tuna

20. (9,4): Blueberry Hill (as sung by Fats Domino)

21. (6,5,4): Yellow Brick Road

22. (6,5): Yellow Fever (carried by mosquitoes)

23. (5,7,3): Three Colors: Red (still from the Kieslowski film of the same name)

24. (6,3,6,4): Little Red Riding Hood

And finally… I guess it goes without saying, but please feel free to use this whole quiz again elsewhere. Ideal, I’d suggest, for family gatherings, warming up for pub quizzes, and countering the onset of ennui. (Maybe, just maybe, it’s not quite so good for blogging. Hey ho.)


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3 Responses to Romanian National Flag

  1. Rob C says:

    ahh, very good. Now it all makes perfect sense…the colours, the strange blog title, the obscure choice of pictures…!

    Very well put together, and I am annoyed this wasn’t posted later than it was. As I am currently enjoying a fair amount of excruciating fucking pain in my mouth due to the extraction of a bastard, son of a bitch wisdom tooth. Perhaps enjoying is a word fail. Indeed, enduring is more apt.

    I now have the pleasure of slurping, slowly – luke warm soups and farley’s rusks.

    But the sight of seeing Manchester United, the undefeated English Gods of soccer smash five past our latest sucker opponents made me smile through my bloodied and stitched gums. “Wenger, you gaulish C***, put that in your ‘Jacques Tati’ pipe and smoke it!”

  2. “Bloodied gums…” that doesn’t sound like too much fun. Although, look on the bright side – it will help you to fit in at the local soup kitchen. Just no croutons, obviously.

    Glad you liked the picture quiz. I’m fairly sure no one else did! Oh well, try anything once, right? As for football related matters, Man Utd will stumble and fall at some point this season; it’s just a question of when. Arsenal, on the other hand, will book their place in the Carling Cup final with a routine victory over Ipswich later today.

    PS. There was an amusing error on the BBC website earlier – it said that Rooney’s only scored three goals this entire season! How shit would be that be?!

  3. PPS. Sorry about the tooth and all. Feel better…

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