…almost like I never went away. You miss me? Wow, as much as that, eh? You really are too kind… Anyhow, be no longer blue, my friends, the newjonnytransit blog is back from it’s little winter break. Well rested and finally ready with the finely-honed picture quiz that’s just a tiny bit below this overlong preamble. (Or as I’m calling it, the idea that seemed like a good one at the time before overwhelming me with the surprisingly fiddly task of resizing photos.)

Here, then, the pictures – and underneath these a grid showing how they’re all numbered: as you can see, there are 24 pictures in total, and all you have to do is figure out what these are of. Not too difficult of a quiz, I hope – but not too easy, either. (I’d write more, but am loathe to spoil the good old-fashioned cryptic fun.) Enjoy!

…Afore-mentioned grid:

And, finally, crossword-style, the amount of letters in each word:

1. (3,4,6)
2. (10)
3. (11,8,4)
4. (3,6,4)
5. (3,3)
6. (3,8,8)
7. (4,2,4)
8. (4,3,5)
9. (3,4,1,6,6)
10. (4,5,6,6,6,5,3,6)
11. (4,5)
12. (3,6)
13. (4,5,5)
14. (7,4,4)
15. (6,9)
16. (6,5)
17. (3,4)
18. (3,5)
19. (4,3,4)
20. (9,4)
21. (6,5,4)
22. (6,5)
23. (5,7,3)*
24. (6,3,6,4)

[*English spelling]

Ok, that’s all I got. Watch this space for a full set of answers next week… (If this is any kind of fun for you, maybe we can do it again some time!)


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4 Responses to Romania

  1. Rob Curtis says:

    ha ha! Nice quiz.

    I have just emailed you my answers. Quite funny really, because I just happened to click on the main picture, and assumed we had to work out what each photo was of…!

    Ok, gonna try and do it properly now.

    • Yeah, I think you might have missed a little bit of the cryptic element! But still – the clubhouse lead is definitely yours. Although with only 2 out of 24 correct, that might have something to do with participation rate, I admit…

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