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Around the Bay of Biscay and back for tea

Well, last week’s blogging was a good time and hopefully for you too.┬áBut what’s a competition without a winner, eh? Here, then, I give you…. Now – given it’s much more fun to hear than to read about – how … Continue reading

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Mister CD

Ok, for the last-but-one time… Parklife (Blur) beats Sun Is Often Out (Longpigs) On his short-lived but always enjoyable podcast, Stephen Fry once compared Oscar Wilde to the experience of driving down Fifth Avenue away from the Empire State Building. … Continue reading

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101 Records

Chaff gone, wheat left. (Plus Echobelly.) Onwards we go… Parklife (Blur) beats I Should Coco (Supergrass) …And a few years later, my friend Rob Batley’s band supported Supergrass, who in turn once supported Oasis, who’s last drummer was Zak Starkey, … Continue reading

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Yesterday, the match-ups; today, the results. Tomorrow, who knows what?! (Well, on this web site, at least, just more of the same.) I Should Coco (Supergrass) beats Word Gets Around (Stereophonics) “You’ll always be 23, yet the train runs on … Continue reading

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H & R Cloake

Results! You know, from yesterday… All the excitement of Round Two follows below. Parklife (Blur) beats Modern Life Is Rubbish (Blur) Unless something peculiar happens to me in the meantime (joining a weird cult that requires me to denounce all … Continue reading

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Be Bop Records

Welcome to the first part of an ambitious/hubristic six part blog. Yes, that’s right, six – my incremental replacement of a social life with excessive blogging clearly now reaching critical mass (as further evidenced by the fact I’m not writing … Continue reading

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That Red Devil Scouser

> New Jersey Transit 17.47 to Morristown, NJ < Once upon a time (well, quite recently, in fact), the one thing we all knew about Wayne Rooney was that he liked playing football. Couldn’t get enough of it, even if … Continue reading

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Grrr, etc.

MEMO FAO: Rude People DATE: 10/12/10 In spite of your cretinous notions to the contrary, some things really aren’t too much to ask. In particular: social niceties and, yes, though your addled brain may very well burst in the course … Continue reading

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