(#5) Celtic Green: Paul Pierce

Well, the clamorous wait is finally over and the results are in… My five all-time favorite sportsmen. Presented here with a little dramatic license (otherwise it really would just be five England cricket players), and in tension-building reverse-order. Tomorrow: #4.

# 5… Paul Pierce

Too much of a man to really be my ‘type,’ I still can’t help but find Paul Pierce just a little bit attractive. I think it’s those big doey eyes, that toothy grin, and wispy facial hair ever-present but never quite an actual beard. In the rough and tumble world of professional basketball, he seems so unthreatening. Jolly. I like that.

Better yet, Pierce wears the Celtic green – the longstanding loyal one out of what became ‘The Big Three.’ Not for him the Johnny-come-lately success enjoyed by Allen and Garnett, he stuck around for some ‘wilderness years’ first. Points for that, I think.

A full disclosure, though: in my life I’ve watched maybe eight games of basketball. (I want to call it ‘hoops,’ but don’t even know if people do.) No matter, six of those were the Celtics-Lakers 2008 Finals. To my inexpert eye, Pierce was the difference, the reason Boston won. True or not, mind, who cares? In one game, in the rabble-rousing Garden, he was carried off the floor with an injured knee. Was he done for good? Had the Celtics lost their captain when it really mattered most? Emphatically: no. After a few minutes out of sight, he strode inside again, strapped up and ready to go. Greeting him back, as wild a racket as you’ll ever hear… That arena full of fans – they knew right then and there that they’d be going home happy.


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6 Responses to (#5) Celtic Green: Paul Pierce

  1. Baggypance says:

    I hope I’m in here somewhere… the patented ‘Batley slow bowl’ that was too good for the boys on the mead. I know it use to give you nightmares… Let’s not forget my skill with the frisbee and prowess with a football at my feet. The blog pretty much writes itself…

    • What can I say, Mr Batley… you’ll have to keep reading this week to find out! Maybe you occupy the top four spots – for football, cricket, bowling, and Frisbee respectively. Doesn’t seem very likely, I admit – but those nightmares are still pretty vivid. Every now and then I play and miss at one outside leg…

  2. Baggypance says:

    I thought about putting down darts but then two words sprang to mind… ‘salt’ and ‘wound’.
    Nice posting though, loved the Jonny Edwards one, he truly was the nuts back in the day!

    • Wait, didn’t I beat you at darts?! You’ve got some nerve Batley… Anyhow, cheers for the nice feedback – and of course for encouraging me to blog in the first place… it’s more fun than I thought it would be.

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