Lots of Nice Looking People Having Sex

> New Jersey Transit 17.47 to Morristown, NJ <

Please excuse the title of this blog, I’ve clearly over-promised. It’s just that I’ve noticed a clear correlation between the names I give to my blog postings and how many ‘views’ they get.

If you feel cheated this time round, then I can only apologize. Hopefully, though, the end will justify the means: I want to say a quick ‘thank you’ to you all – and what better way to lure you in? (Shit, I’m starting to sound like a paedophile, aren’t I? Onwards, then, and quickly…)

I want to say thanks for helping me to a mini-milestone: ten blog posts (this is # 11). Of course I realize that really isn’t very many… but this has been fun so far and your reading what I write is what makes it so. It’s definitely always gratifying to read your comments – and I hope my efforts to date have resulted in a few decent reads.

I started writing these blogs as a kind of Sudoku alternative for the train journey home… and now I can see – via the “blog stats” I’ve access to – I’m closing in on a thousand views. In a pretty short space of time, it’s more than I expected. So: much obliged!

How about we agree, then, that you’re the nice looking people, having lots of sex. (Well, unless you’re my parents reading this – in which case, naturally, I hope it’s only some…)

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Same as ever, only better.
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