One-Nil, I Believe

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And now for the first in an occasional series of minority interest blogs… some thoughts on Arsenal football club.

Isn’t it spectacularly good news that Cesc Fabregas has finally managed to resist the overtures of Barcelona? (For the moment, at least.) Yes, of course because Arsenal get to keep him, but mostly because the Catalans didn’t get ‘their’ man. Barcelona: with the possible exception of the New York Yankees, the sports team with the most overt superiority complex (only recently it would still have been the Australian cricket team but, my, how that ship has sailed).

I know football fans are supposed to fawn over Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, et al, like Dr. Goebbels over Hitler… but I can’t. I find them annoying – even if their brand of ‘tippy-tappy’ football (Frank Skinner’s phrase, I believe) remains the Yves Saint Lauren to Arsenal’s Calvin Klein*. To my taste, their pursuit of Fabregas was so brazen and presumptuous it made even Real Madrid seem comparatively less irritating. And that, as the saying goes, is really saying something.

At any rate, be glad one and all: the great Professor Wenger experiment can continue, after all. The slightly unstable catalyst can still fizz, not less crucially in some other lab, but once more under those familiar north London lights.

So, can we dare to hope the experiment will finally succeed? Not just partially, or sporadically, as before, but reliably and often? Who can say… recent results remain inconclusive. Isn’t the wanting to watch, though, so very full of promise?

Just imagine, indeed, if Wenger ever stops playing in goal an actual clown.

[* The author of this blog accepts no responsibility for any sartorial inaccuracies contained within – on account of not being, you know, a girl.]


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4 Responses to One-Nil, I Believe

  1. Baggypance says:

    I would have to say that Real Madrid are far worse with regards being a team with the most overt superiority complex. Admittedly, some of Barcelona’s ramblings in the Fabregas pursuit have been embarrassing (especially from some of the players), but at least they produce their own superstars and put faith in their own youth system. Plus, Guardiola always seems to conduct himself in a dignified manner which is no mean feat these days. I would also like to add Tottenham to this list as well, mainly because of my West Ham affiliations.

  2. Yeah – have to agree that Real Madrid are more annoying overall… but, equally, they haven’t tried to get their grubby little mitts on Arsenal’s best player recently…

    Anyhow, clearly I can never be a true Arsenal fan as I continue to have a soft-spot for Tottenham. Danny Kelly likes them, and that’s good enough for me. West Ham, on the other hand…

  3. IF Aresene Wenger is a professor surely it makes Harry “Diamond Geezer” Redknapp the 2nd hand car dealer, perhaps there some other jobs that would associate with other managers; Ancellotti an Italian MOB leader perhaps or Alex Fergusson an Armitage Shanks Hairdryer.

    Two points I like to make about Wenger, he clearly has TARDIS that allows him to go into the future and state either “That kid will be great for the club” and then goes back in time to when he was 14 and signed the guy, just like he did with Fabregas for example or see “Henry will be useless by age 31” or “Overmars will retire in two years time” and then sell them at the premium price. (oh how we wish Gordon Brown had that insight when he sold our Gold. Still Im sure Harry Redknapp made a killing (not literally that would be more ancelotti realm here))

    Another point if Fabregas goes (he is 24 yrs old and not getting any younger in Wengers eyes these days) there is a new Kid in town and his name is Jack Wiltshere and more importnatly he is is English lets hope he is not another David Bentley

    • Thanks for another stellar comment, Rob. You’re like a dedicated milkman – always delivering the goods.

      So, 24 is fairly old in Wenger’s eyes?! I know he’s obsessed with youth, but that might just be stretching the point… That said, even without Fabregas, a midfield of Nasri, Arshavin, Ramsey and Wilshere doesn’t sound too shabby, does it? (Still hope Fabregas doesn’t leave, though.)

      Did you see the Arsenal-Liverpool game, by the way? Yet another shit performance from Alumnia… time for the Professor to open up the checkbook, I believe…

      PS. “Amitage Shanks” – that’s the kind of attention to detail that really has to be appreciated. Nice work!

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