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Lots of Nice Looking People Having Sex

I want to say thanks for helping me to a mini-milestone: ten blog posts (this is # 11). Of course I realize that really isn’t very many… but this has been fun so far and your reading what I write is what makes it so. Continue reading

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Since I Started Work in New York City…

Since I started work in New York City, I haven’t been across 110th Street, on the Roosevelt Island Cable Car, or over the Williamsburg Bridge. Continue reading

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Extraordinary Wisdom

I thought I’d share, for the shear bloody hell of it, three particularly vivid memories I have. If the exercise proves to be excrutiatingly awful – either for you of for me – then, in time for my next blog, we can just pretend it never happened. Continue reading

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One-Nil, I Believe

The great Professor Wenger experiment can continue, after all. The slightly unstable catalyst can still fizz, not less crucially in some other lab, but once more under those familiar north London lights. Continue reading

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The Mystifying World of International Finance

Many, many months of financial negligence on my part – and it’s hardly cost me a dime. How’s that for arse over tit? Continue reading

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