Extra Time?

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Not sleeping well the Sunday night before the working week is surely one of life’s more reliable frustrations. This time round, however, I blame the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Its coming to an end has left me feeling blue. Not too blue for writing about in a blog, but definitely seasick and maudlin. Damn it, you cruel world, you, why does nothing ever last? Can’t I just make like a Dutch midfielder and grab the World Cup by the collar – where the hell do you think you’re going? No, I guess not.

An odd World Cup for me, this one. I started it unemployed but with a job lined up – the one I’m now sitting on a delayed train to. Moreover, it began with my good friend Rob Batley in town, visiting from England (early games we kept an eye on while playing pool in my building’s social room). Yesterday, in contrast, it ended with Rob three weeks gone and the continuing realization that establishing myself at work is now my most pressing aim.

It seems I really can’t dodge the fate any longer: setting aside a month for the watching of football is a luxury I can no longer afford. 2006 was borderline – a stolen summer back in Blighty after finishing my master’s – and 2010, I reckon, a worthy effort on my part… but that’s it. My days of conspicuous sports consumption are over. Against that most tenacious of opponents, employment, they fought a good fight but finally lost.


…Never bet against a rematch though, right? So maybe Brazil 2014 will be a World Cup too soon – but surely the urge to watch an arseload of football is formidable enough to win out eventually (I ran a few calculations in my head, and the results are certainly encouraging). Even, indeed, if the England football team continues to be – dare I suggest – a runny bag full of shit.


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One Response to Extra Time?

  1. Baggypance says:

    Ahh, my favourite type of post… the one where I am mentioned! More of the same please!
    Joking aside, I hope your in the groove at your new job and the people are cool. Good stuff with Big Papi winning the home run derby!
    Keep up the good work.

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