Elizabeth, My Dear

> New Jersey Transit 17.47 to Morristown, NJ <

Yes, the institution over which she presides would hardly be any more anachronistic if it starting sending telegrams again – via civil servants to a Maharaja in India… but you’ve still got to hand it to the old girl. Year after year, the Queen somehow manages to be full-time ridiculous, by accident of birth, without ever adding any ridiculousness of her own. She ought to be silly, but often she’s impressive.

She rises above the historical shame of her station. She avoids the impression of ever being bored. She always speaks “officially” but seldom ever slips… How ever does she do it? How, indeed, do her husband’s many slips never stick to her? How does she disassociate herself every time from Harry acting the arse yet again; Charles’ dithering and fiddling with his sleeves; her mother’s fondness for gin and her sister’s equine unattractiveness?

How, in short, does she always keep a cool head and ignore the hot nonsense of always being queen? I don’t know – to the Manor born, I suppose… And palaces, and castles, and estates, and a lifetime of protocols…

Anyhow. Maybe, after all, I should have gone to see her earlier today – in New York City for the first time in over 30 years, a block and a bit away from where I catch the subway home… Nah, not worth being late┬áback for dinner for, right?

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3 Responses to Elizabeth, My Dear

  1. Baggypance says:

    What the hell is she doing in New York?

    Coincidentally, Nikki went on some random diatribe about the monarchy yesterday… She was saying how every bit of money they make off of their estate’s they give back to the government, which is something they don’t have to do but is a great bit of revenue for the country to use. Maybe people should get off their backs was I think what she was getting at…

    btw, sign up to Twitter… Empire just published 50 twitterers you should follow (http://www.empireonline.com/features/movie-twitterers-you-should-follow/)
    who make for good reading.

    • Hey Rob –

      That’s funny what Nikki said – I have to admit, a big part of me agrees… attacking the royal family sure can go a bit far sometimes. I’ll give myself a pass, though, because I was mostly just being cheeky! Will definitely check out the Empire link… still not sure if I’m ready to Tweet, mind…

      • Baggypance says:

        It probably is a bit too high brow for you… Give it some time though and you might be worthy, I mean ready.
        I hope the job is going well.

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